Study abroad at Cardiff Metropolitan University:

A brief history and introduction:

Formerly known as University of Wales Institute, Cardiff, Cardiff Metropolitan University is one of the three non-Russell group universities located in the Cardiff. The roots of the university date back to the year 1865 when the Cardiff School of Art was opened. In 1940, Cardiff College of Food and Technology and Commerce opened its doors and eventually, Cardiff Training College and Llandaff Technical College were also established. In the year 1976, all these four colleges moved to form the South Glamorgan Institute of Higher Education. It was in 1990 that the name of this institute was changed to Cardiff Institute of Higher Education. Until 2011, the institute was called University of Wales Institute and then, it formally ended its association with the University of Wales and  then, it was renamed Cardiff Metropolitan University.

Today, the university is renowned for providing the students with professionally oriented education that is highly focused on practice. The university is quite committed to helping the students realize their full potential and to build their future. Over the years, Cardiff Metropolitan University has earned a reputation for producing graduates that can stand the test that the market puts them through. With this reputation, the university has been rising in terms of its appeal among the international students. Every year, it receives a lot of applications from international students all over the world.

Courses offered:

One of the best parts about Cardiff Metropolitan University is that it offers you a great variety of courses to choose from. The students who choose to study here enjoy the privilege of choosing from a huge number of courses across a wide range of disciplines and subjects. In other words, at Cardiff Metropolitan University, there is something for everyone. People belonging to all backgrounds and having all kinds of interests can find a course that suits them at Cardiff Metropolitan University. This is the reason for the university to have a diverse student population as well. There are courses at the undergraduate level, postgraduate level, and research degrees available at the university.

Cardiff Metropolitan University is divided into five academic schools. These are listed below:

  • Cardiff School of Education
  • Cardiff School of Technologies
  • Cardiff School of Sport and Health Sciences
  • Cardiff School of Art & Design
  • Cardiff School of Technologies

Through these schools, the university has a plethora of courses for the students to choose from. Also, these schools have been able to grab decent rankings in the past. The School of Art and Design awarded the 39th place among the top 80 destinations to study art and design in the UK by the Guardian’s University Guide.

Reasons for international students to attend Cardiff Metropolitan University by Assignment Help Experts 

When it comes to the international students, everything right from the experiences, expectations, aspirations, and even reasons for studying further are quite different as compared to the native pool of students. Every step of the process is drastically different for international students. Choosing where to attend college is obviously a difficult decision. However, it is even more difficult for international students. The local students are already very well-versed with the culture of the place and they also have enough information regarding the colleges, which makes it easy for them to choose.

However, since the international students live in a different country altogether, they have no or little idea about the colleges. And therefore, the decision is more difficult for them. In this fast-paced world that is synonymous with cut-throat competition, your college can end up deciding the quality of a major chunk of opportunities that you may get in the beginning of your career. Therefore, nobody should take this decision lightly. At Cardiff Metropolitan university, the students find all the elements that they wish to see in their dream college. Some of the reasons for international students to attend this university are:

1. An international appeal

Cardiff Metropolitan University has a huge appeal among the international students. The university  has a cosmopolitan and really dynamic atmosphere and is home to a really diverse student population. In fact, the institute is home to students from as many as 140 countries from all over the world.
One needs to understand that diversity in the student population is one of the most important things that an international student wishes to have in his college. At Cardiff Metropolitan University, you get to be a part of such a diverse student body. Usually, when an international student arrives on the campus of a university in another country, it is with a lot of fears and confusions. The biggest of these fears is that of being not welcome and not feeling comfortable in the new culture of the campus. In such a situation, a diverse student population really helps the student. Having students from so many cultures and ethnicities living on the campus means that there are a lot of people who share your fears and confusions as an international student. The diversity in the student population helps you feel comfortable and feel confident about getting through the nervous first few days of your college life.

2. A strong focus on academics

As an international student, when you decide to move to another country to pursue higher education, it is mostly because of the dearth of opportunities back home. You wouldn’t want to end up at a university that is not great in terms of the quality of education. Well, Cardiff Metropolitan University is known for the great focus that it lays on the quality of education it imparts to the students. The university has a Silver Teaching Excellence Framework (TFE) rating. Also, in the year 2014, the Quality Assurance Agency (QAA) confirmed that Cardiff Metropolitan University meets all the UK expectations for the academic standards and the student learning opportunities.

Moreover, over the past years, the university has consistently grabbed top rankings among the modern universities in United Kingdom in all the major ranking tables such as The Sunday Times University Guide, The Times Good University Guide, The Complete University Guide, and The Guardian University Guide. The university is continuously rising up the ladder in rankings.
With such great rankings, as an international student, you can be sure that the time you invest studying in this college will prove to be highly beneficial and yield great results for you.

3. Great location

When you apply for a university, choosing or selecting the course is only a small part of it and not the entire process. If the place that you go to study has great environment and surroundings, it surely helps you make the most of your studies and academics. At Cardiff Metropolitan University, you get the most appropriate kind of environment that helps you optimize your performance and stimulate creative thinking inside you. As a student of Cardiff Metropolitan, you get to live in the capital city of Wales, which is a multicultural destination and has a long tradition of welcoming students from all corners of the world.

Moreover, the international students also wish to explore the country they end up in. In this regard too, Cardiff is a great location. It is located only two hours away from London by road and by train as well. If you are worried about the kind of experience you are going to have in this city, you should know that National Geographic Magazine has voted Cardiff as one of the world’s top cities to visit. Overall, the city is quite welcoming and extremely easy to get to around. As a student, you will have a lovely experience here.

Prospects for international students:

A big number of colleges and universities around the world open their doors to international students. However, only a few of these succeed in making a name for themselves as a great study destination for international students. The reason for this is that not every institute is able to offer the kind of support that the international students need to thrive and succeed in their careers. One needs to understand that the local students can feel comfortable on campus right from their very first day. However, it is not the same for international students. There are certain elements or resources that the university or college needs to provide them to make them comfortable. At Cardiff Metropolitan University, the international students enjoy great prospects. The reasons for these prospects are mentioned below:

1. Top international student support

Cardiff Metropolitan has also been ranked as the top university in United Kingdom in terms of support that it has to offer to the international students. The university has grabbed this rank multiple times over the years. The university has a support system specially dedicated to making the lives of the international students as comfortable as possible. The international students can get in touch with this department for all the problems that they face during their time in the university. Such a great support system basically translates into the international students having a great time during their college years. Since they feel comfortable, they can eventually concentrate on their studies and perform well.
These great rankings for the quality of international student support that Cardiff Metropolitan has to offer is one of the main reasons for which there has been an increase in the number of international applicants for Cardiff Metropolitan University over the years. Also, it shows that the university has made all possible efforts to make sure that the students who leave their homes and travel to Cardiff in the pursuit of good education have a good time feel at home in the university.

2. Tremendous employment prospects

At Cardiff Metropolitan University, a special focus is placed on making all the students highly employable for the market. Through the work placement programmes and many ways in which the university promotes entrepreneurship, the university makes sure that the students get groomed for the market and the outer world. As a result of this, the graduates of the university employ a huge employability rate. As many as 96 percent of the graduates of Cardiff Metropolitan University find themselves employed or in further education within the first six months after the completion of their graduation. This is one of the highest figures for any university located in Wales.

The university has formed close links with as many as 5000 employers all over the world. By doing so, it has made sure that all the programmes taught at the university are highly industry focused. Moreover, the support and career advice choices are open to all the students irrespective of the stage they are at in their careers. This support really helps the students in getting ready for the market. As a result, today, the graduates of Cardiff Metropolitan University are highly valued, recognized, and respected around the world.

3. Scholarships for international students

Financial inability is one of the major reasons for many students around the world to drop the idea of settling abroad to pursue their higher education. The tuition fee for most of the courses in good universities is pretty high and this keeps a very high number of students devoid of getting the kind of education they wish to receive. At Cardiff Metropolitan University, the authority believes that each and every student deserves an opportunity to enhance and improve their career prospects, irrespective of what their financial situation is. To help the students realize this dream, the university offers a good range of scholarships for the students at both the undergraduate and postgraduate level in many courses like database management etc.

For the students who come from parts of the world like Asia, the tuition fee seems to be even higher because of the huge difference between the strengths of the currencies. In such cases, these scholarships prove to be really helpful for the students. The university makes sure that every student who deserves to get a scholarship, really gets one. In fact, these scholarships form one of the primary reasons for the university to receive a decent number of applications from different parts of the world.

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With so many great facilities and abundant resources for the international students, it is nothing but natural that Cardiff Metropolitan University keeps rising in terms of its appeal among the international students in the upcoming years.