Sure, you didn’t ace the interview the way you thought you would. You walk out in a slump and say farewell to your dream job. That’s when you come across this write-up. You think, first, I don’t get the job. And now I’m to sacrifice my pity-party time to a droning professor? No way!

Believe us, that’s not what we’re asking of you. Instead, we propose that you have as prolonged a slump as you want to have. Also, take out a few hours and devote them to the additional courses below.

Now, before you glare at us, we have two magic words for you to ponder on: Online Classes. You, your couch, and in your sweats while you study. Oh, and a glass of wine won’t be out of place, either.

Let’s get cramming then:

1. Introduction to Computer Science

The on-campus class draws the largest crowd of pupils at Harvard. You get to experience it from your living room. Summarily, there is algorithmic thinking to learn, programming programs that you can begin to solve efficiently, and languages, like CSS, HTML, and PHP, that await your attention. This HarvardX Verified course is for beginners, and if you can part with $90, you get a certificate! Make that resume more impressive by adding to the list of your skills. Get more information at assignment help

2. People Analytics

Today, having a Florida mba can make a candidate stand out. However, assessing what they can really do for a company requires an in-depth analysis of their soft skills. From the University of Pennsylvania and their Wharton School of Business comes an online class that enables you to do so. The People Analytics class lets you in on the secrets about recruiting those who possess exceptional soft skills.

3. Introduction to Negotiation

Practice for the next time you go up against the interviewers with this course. Uncover what the recruiters are really interested in. What’s more, learn how to deploy valid arguments to get them to see your side. And the lessons will be handy when you make your case for a raise after performing spectacularly!

4. Search Engine Optimization training

You could go down the interview route again. Or, you can opt for the entrepreneurial path. Either way, having SEO training as part of your resume will only boost its value. This class will clue you into a big part of digital marketing: SEO. Take it to discover how you can shape this tool after tailoring it specifically for you and your needs. Hence, when you do land that job, you can put the SEO skills to use and rake in new business!

5. Communicating Strategically

Often, professionals are great at what they do. However, communicating isn’t one of their strong suits. Should you recognize that about yourself, this course can change that. Talk to non-professionals without burdening the conversation with business or scientific terms. It makes holding departmental meetings and giving interviews much smoother. Oh, and there’s a PurdueX Certificate in it for you if you pay $50.

6. Building a Personal Brand

The instructor claims that the attendees walk out with a unique capability. They can take any passion and turn it into a business or brand afterwards. You can also use the lessons you learn to market your profile to the right recruiters and seal the next deal. So, then sign up for this two-hour-long class. It consists of lectures that cover topics on technical business aspects, like monetization of your traffic.

7. Ultimate Resume Makeover Course: Get Your Dream Job

Maybe it wasn’t you who dropped the ball. It could be your resume that didn’t make the cut! So, if you can’t remember updating it, it may be time to give your resume a thorough reevaluation. For this purpose, Forex trader, Thomas White, will assist you in determining critical keywords and customizing your resumes when applying for different jobs.

8. Introduction to HTML

A free Code Academy course that you’ll love for its easy navigability. Don’t be someone who doesn’t speak code in an era where learning the language is insanely easy. You’ll learn about web page structures and HTML syntax. Combine what you take away from it with the next class, and you can join the ranks of front-end web developers. Intro to HTML and CSS on Udacity teaches you how you can use CSS to apply styling to sites. It also walks you through HTML basics.

Or, take Modern Web Design at Gymnasium. It arms you with the basics of JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. Use it to create sites that are responsive to multiple screens, such as the desktop, tablets, and mobiles. Code Academy’s Introduction to Javascript is another great class. In it, they teach you the fundamentals of JavaScript. With other relevant lessons, you’ll soon be building interactive websites.

General Assembly’s Dash is yet another informational source if you want to step into this field. All these courses provide MBA grads with ways to beef up their resumes.

9. Mobile Web Development 

There are several great things about this one. Firstly, you learn from the masters, i.e., Google via Udacity. Secondly, you walk out knowing how, as a web developer, you can create great cross-device mobile web experiences.

Thirdly, you also gain the know-how about mobile web apps. And they teach you about apps that work across most platforms, such as Android and iOS. And, finally, this course offers you the option to take an exam. Clear that and Google’s Mobile Web Specialist Certification is yours. Yet another way for you to propel your career even further.

10. Journalism and media skills

We’re cheating a bit here – sort of because this isn’t a proper class. Instead, BBC Academy houses fantastic content that will be helpful – even to people not rushing off to join the media industry. Say, you land the job.

Use the lessons from this class to captivate audiences during presentations. Discover the tricks that will help make your first company marketing video a big success. Learn about various kinds of multimedia content production through BBC Academy.

Closing thoughts

Did we choose the best additional courses for you or what? We understand that not landing the job can stress you out. But these classes can reveal more job options for you. So, get cracking!