Dictionary meaning of ethics is the moral principle that governs an individual or group behaviour. Hence in the broader sense, ethics can be well explained as the branch of philosophy that deals with several issues of right and wrong.

Ethics can be largely divided into four subjects: normative ethics that deals with the determination of the moral value to look upon the issue that makes things right and wrong, the other is the descriptive ethics that determines the proportion of people who considers things precise or mistaken. On the other hand, applied ethics deals with the controversial issue that can be applied to the real life situations and finally is the meta-ethics which targets to understand nature and the ethical issue that it encircles. This way ethics can be divided into various groups and each group helps to deal with the situation in the respective way.

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Studying ethics can help students reveal several questions relating to the human life. As we can observe that there are endless goals in one’s life and it would be difficult for the individual to organise their objective and achieve them. Hence, study of ethics helps students to decide and figure out the motive of their life, plan and structure it and then go for the methods that help in the accomplishment. Study of ethics is important in several fields that are important for students in one or the other way. It is important in field of research, business, law and many more. Some of the positive aspects of the subject are:

• It helps to satisfy basic human needs
• It helps in uniting people and developing the leadership quality in an individual
• It helps to improve decision making power of the individual
• It serves as the profit making factor for an organisation.

The above mentioned are only some of the points that set up the pillar for students to understand the subject and provide them motive for pursuing in the further career. Overall, we know that ethics is one of the important and useful branches of psychology that helps an individual to learn new and interesting things about human life.

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