Annotated means summary/ evaluation and bibliography refer to the medium or sources that an individual has refereed to, for the completion of their assignment or a given project such as book, article, journal, newspaper and so on.

Annotated bibliography is useful in every aspect of the research. It is the first step in the research project .Whenever a person carries on research activity, annotated bibliography serve as an important advantage in their task. Annotated bibliography is the summary of the research that has already been completed. It helps students to have a deep study on the related topic and then prepare a summary of them. This helps students to gain a detailed knowledge of the subject and hence put on their own ideas in the entire work. Annotated bibliography is helpful to the readers because it helps them find relevant source for their work and gives them idea about the related topics. Therefore, it provides contextual material of the work that has been done. Beside this, it helps students to know where their idea of the researched project fits and then help them come to the accurate conclusion.

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Annotated bibliography follows either the MLA or APA format so that the name of the publisher along with the date, title, and author is maintained clearly. The length of annotated bibliography depends upon the topic and the allocated information. If the topic is summarized then the bibliography remains short but if the research is done in the extensive form, bibliography becomes long.

Annotated bibliography is difficult for the students to understand. At the first point, research it is not an easy task and on top of that to accumulate information regarding the topic from various source s remains a time consuming chore for them. Beside this, they are already busy with their course and college task that writing annotated bibliography becomes a tough job for them. Preparation of annotated bibliography is totally a new method for the students, so it becomes difficult for students to perform the given work accurately and timely.

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