We are well aware of the meaning of word ‘reaction’, i.e. The immediate response to the things we have seen or heard. Likewise, reaction paper are those papers that help in the expressing our opinion or views regarding any matter in the piece of paper.

When we see movie that has been recently released, after the movie either we appreciate it or we pick out certain section and criticize the respective part. Therefore, this is how we react to things, either posting the good points or complaining about the superfluous part. In the colleges students are generally asked to write reaction paper with a motive of improving their skills in writing and to make them capable enough to think and present their opinion on particular subject. Therefore, they must always keep in mind some of the points that are necessary to frame a legible and evocative reaction paper that can be presented to the public in an applicable way.

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There are certain important points that need to be remembered before writing a reaction paper. Any individual preparing a reaction paper must read or view the related section properly and should be able to answer the questions like: the points that satisfy them and the section that distress them. Students must be able to give the proper reasons behind these facts. They must be able to understand the related section and judge the overall concept, evaluating it in a proper way. At first students must prepare the rough outline for the answers to the question that is curiously raised in their mind, then they must organise the overall content and frame it into 3 sections, that is: introduction, body and conclusion. Introduction should contain all the basic information’s like the name of author, title, publication, summary of the related topic and the thesis (the points where the individual agree or disagree). Body must include paragraphs and each paragraph must be explanatory for single idea and the overall body of the paper must be in relation to the thesis mentioned in the paper. Finally, the conclusion part serves as the wraps up of the reaction paper. It must not include any new ideas rather it must have a closing statements that must be prediction or views on the related topic.

The above mentioned is the general format of writing the reaction paper. Though it seems easy but reaction paper writing is not at all stress-free job for the students. Naturally reacting to a movie, article, story or anything else is easy but writing them down is equally difficult. Students’ needs to think upon on the related topic and then outline it and finally they must be able to prepare it in the form that is appreciable and readable. Besides being a time consuming task, the job remains a matter of pressure to the students.

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