APA stands for American Psychological Association. It is one of the important formats of writing in the psychology where certain rules and guidelines are to be followed to generate effective result.

APA style paper is the peculiar style of writing mostly followed in sciences and social sciences. It is the active way of writing that follows certain procedures and formatting style so as to increase the ease of reading the content and present the engraved material in the clear and easy form. Some of the noticeable and important points in the APA style paper are the punctuation, heading, table, figures, numbers, heading, spacing, quotation and citation, reference list and many more. Some of the points that well highlight the importance of APA style paper are:

• Helps to analyse even the smallest details of the written content.
• Beneficial for those who uses table and statics for the presentation of ideas.
• Expresses the format with accuracy.
• Use of method that is easily understood by the reader.
• Provides consistency across complex and in congruent reading material.
• The papers are plagiarism free and hence help the author evaluate the correct and incorrect incidences.
• The information engraved in the paper can be presented in proper way.

Beside the above mentioned point, it is also important to understand that though APA and MLA style seems similar, there are lots of differences between these two forms, Such as: in MLA type, the author’s first and last names is spelled out whereas in APA style, authors last name is spelled out whereas first is reduced to initials. Likewise, MLA format uses last name of the authors and page number whereas APA style uses last name of the authors and the date. These are just the overview of some differences that can be noticed in MLA and APA style paper. Still lots of other alterations can be uncovered so as to make sure that an individual follows the format that best suits their requirements.

Generally students are adapted to different style of writing. APA style of writing is introduced to the students during the higher level of education, i.e. under graduation and post-graduation. Since, APA format follows certain guidelines; students find it difficult to grasp the basic idea of the writing. They find it time consuming and hence painful to switch to APA style format. On the other hand, as we are well aware that APA style is one of the important ways of presenting the information, so students are explained all the basic method of this portion and they are assigned several tasks on this format. This method being new to the students makes them undergo stressful and tensed situation.

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