The word leadership symbolizes the act of leading the group of people or the organisation. Leaders can be anybody, a CEO of the office, manager in the bank, HOD of the department or the leader of the nation. Leadership is one of the qualities that make an individual direct other people to work for the benefit of country or a group.

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In the present world, anyone can be a leader but only those people who possess exclusive qualities tend to be a successful leader. One of the very well quote of leadership given by Jack Welch, “before you are leader success is about growing yourself. When you become a leader success is about growing others. This statement can actually justify the word leadership in broader sense thus, opening an eye of every individual to achieve the motive behind being a good leader.

Study of leadership helps students to manage, organise and face the challenges of the real world. It helps them take the proper decision that benefits the group, society or the country. The study of leadership develops some of the useful qualities in an individual, which are: co-ordination with the team member, taking right decision, leading the entire population to the right path, developing good knowledge in communication, dealing with social issues and addressing them in most appropriate way, confidence, evaluative and so on. These are some of the characters that a student develops on pursuing the subject.

The leader must have 3 points well cleared in their mind, i.e. vision, commitment and monitoring of progress. Vision refers to the designing and framing of the idea so that it works on the development of related sector. Commitment is co-ordinating, managing and directing members of the group for the implementation of the created notions and for this several meeting are organised time to time for interaction with the members of the group and finally comes monitoring that helps the leader to monitor the progress of the designed task. Thus, these key points helps individual to plan and direct the development of the related sector.

Leadership assignment can be individually related or the group related. In case of individual leadership assignment, only one person is the leader and he/she can lead the group according to the way he want. This saves resources and reduces the chances of any disputes regarding the planned project. On the other hand, group related leadership assignment includes more than one leader with diverse ideas and plans; the collaboration of these ideas frames the project in the most appropriate way and lessens chances of any error.

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