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13.9.3 Telescope

Telescope is an optical instrument to clearly observe the distant object.

Astronomical telescope

This telescope is used to observe heavenly objects like moon, distant stars and planets etc. The image formed by this telescope is virtual and inverted. Since the heavenly bodies are almost round, so the inverted images do not affect the observations.

Terrestrial telescope
If in the astronomical telescope, a lens of short focal length f is placed at 2f from intermediate image (figure), it will erect the intermediate image at a distance 2f on the other side of it and this image will act as an object for eye lens. So now the final image will be erect with respect to object. This lens is called erecting lens and as for it m = –1, the MP and length of telescope for relaxed eye will be
MP = physics projects
L = f0 + fe + 4f
This is telescope is called terrestrial telescope and is used to see distant terrestrial objects such as a cliff or a tree.
Terrestrial telescope

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