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13.9 Optical Instrument

13.9.1 Simple Microscope

A simple convex lens is said to be a simple microscope when the object is placed between focus and optical centre of law and the eye of the observer is kept close to the lens. The image found in this case will be erect and enlarged.

Magnifying power [Angular magnification]: For an optical instrument it is defined as the ratio of angle made by image at the eye to the maximum angle made by the object at the eye when placed at least distance of distinct vision (i.e. 25 cm denoted by D)

sign convention(a)
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Figure (a) shows an object of height h placed at distance D from the eye of the observer. Let a is the angle made by the object at the eye. Hence refraction of light

Figure (b) shows the simple microscope where the image of height h’ is making an angle b at the optical centre of lens (or eye of the observer) hence mobility physics

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