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13.3 Refraction of light

Refractive index (µ) of a medium depends upon speed of light in the medium.

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Greater the refractive index of a medium lesser will be the speed of light in the medium.

Snell's law. When a light rays falls on the boundary of two transparent media, the light ray may or may nor deviate from its original path according to law.

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q1 angle of incidence

q2 angle of refraction
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µ1 = refraction index of first medium w.r.t. vaccume

µ2 = refractive index of second medium w.r.t vaccume

From diagram q1 > q2

Þ sinq1 > sin q2

Þ µ1 < µ2 [from Snell’s law]

Medium of refractive index µ1 is said to be optically rarer medium in which light ray moves faster in comparison to the optically denser medium having refractive index µ2.

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