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13.6.2 Lens maker's formula and lens formula

Consider an object O placed at a distance u from a convex lens as shown in figure. Let its image I after two refractions from spherical surfaces of radii R1 (positive) and R2 (negative) be formed at a distance v from the lens. Let v1 be the distance of image formed by refraction from the refracting surface of radius R1. The formula is given by following formula:

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If the refractive index of the material of the lens is µ and it is placed in air, µ2 = µ and µ1 = 1 so that eq. (iv) becomes

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This is called the lens maker's formula because it can be used to determine the values of R1 and R2 that are needed for a given refractive index and a desired focal length f.

Lens formula:

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