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13.7 Prism

A prism has two plane surfaces inclined to each other. The angle between the surfaces is called angle of prism. It can be noted that the angle of deviation suffered by light at the first surface AB is not cancelled out by the deviation at the second surface AC, but it is added to it. Hence the net deviation of emergent light with respect to the incident light is d.

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From the figure it can be observed that

i1 = x + r1 and i2 = y + r2

on adding the equation we get

i1 + i2 = x + y + r1 + r2 … (i)

Also it may be noted that

d = x + y and A = r1 + r2

on adding the equations, we get

A + d = x + y + r1 + r2 … (ii)

Hence from equation (i) and (ii) we can conclude that

i1 + i2 = A + d

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