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13.1.3 Velocity of image

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x0 ® X co-ordinate of object

xM ® X co-ordinate of mirror.

xI ® X co-ordinate of image.

Consider an object (O) standing in front of a plane mirror. Then image is formed behind mirror, such that

\ u = vxMx0 = xIxM

\ Velocity of image VI = reflection and refraction

= physics homework help

\ VIx = 2VmyV0x

So, this is the relation among velocities of image, mirror and object respectively.

Note that velocities towards right are taken positive and towards left are taken negative.

However, if the object starts moving parallel to mirror, they

yI = y0

Þ deviation physics

Þ VI = V0

Velocity of image with respect to observer is then calculated using basic equation of relative motion,

online tutoring = velocity of A w.r.t. B = rotation of mirror

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