New Zealand is a place famous for its breathtaking scenery and diverse culture. Every year, students from all over the world flock to this country to further their studies and careers. As such, New Zealand is one of the most popular study destinations for foreign students.

Best Student Cities in New Zealand

That is why the students living in this country need to know the best cities that offer experiences for student life.

This article discusses the best cities in New Zealand for students.

  1. Wellington

Wellington must come first in any list as it is not only the capital of New Zealand but also the best city in terms of living standards according to several surveys done in New Zealand. It is a smart city that houses almost two hundred thousand people belonging to several walks of life. But do not let the smart city fool you, it has also the most beautiful beaches and diverse wildlife. The greenery in this city is also breathtaking. In addition to these, the backdrop of Wellington is a hill range giving this small city the perfect hill station vibes. This city is also the business center of the entire New Zealand. Moreover, the nightlife is perfect here for any student. Bars, pubs, and malls are open even at odd hours with some open till even as late as 2 AM.

In addition to these qualities, for all the nature enthusiasts, Mount Victoria is just about around the corner and the botanical garden is also nearby. So exploring this city will open up a whole new world of natural and cultural experiences for any student. As for education, Wellington’s Victoria University is regarded as one of the top 1 percent universities in the world and has 20 percent of its total student population coming from foreign countries. So international students will always find good company in this university. This city with great nightlife and open mountains welcomes all international students from all over the planet.

  1. Auckland

Auckland is considered New Zealand’s most populous and glitziest place. One of the major attractions here is the eye-catching Tower of Auckland which stands right in the center of the city. A proper guided tour of the Tower is available and if you are into thrills, you can also opt-in for a bungee jumping session from its 60th floor!

Auckland stands among all cities in New Zealand for being the most ethnically diverse city in the country. Almost 30 percent of people here are from some other part of the world. This certainly makes Auckland a must-visit for any student who wants to imbibe in some foreign culture. Auckland also has several beaches and a mountain range side by side as well – so both the beach lovers and the mountain admirers will love this city. To top it all, Auckland has the most important educational institutions in the country with some of the most reputed universities settled here. So for any student, this is the city to look out for. Among the universities, Auckland University is the largest and most popular, with over 40k people studying in it every year!

So for any student planning to study in New Zealand, this is the dream city in terms of living and education.

  1. Hamilton

Hamilton is a place famous for its huge botanical garden called the Hamilton Gardens, which is situated along the banks of the Waikato River. Not only that, but Mount Maunganui directly descends into the beach to form one of the most unique landscapes ever. Sometimes here you get mountains and beautiful beaches side by side. Moreover, for all the Lord of The Rings fans, this city is the original place of the Hobbiton and it is left the same as it was at the time of shooting those movies. So you can easily catch up to that as well.

But if you get tired of all this nature, there is outstanding nightlife awaiting you in Victoria Street, which is famous all around the country for its exciting nightlife and parties. And if you like sports, you will love Hamilton with its 25k seater Waikato stadium hosting regular rugby matches and other sports games. Apart from that, New Zealand is famous for its cricket team and Waikato Stadium hosts a wide range of matches regularly as well. You can also go see other teams play the local cricket tournaments in this stadium.

On the educational side, Waikato University is a great option for foreign students to study due to its top-quality infrastructure and its absolutely fine teaching style. The university also has a buddy system in which you are paired with a local to stay in the dorm so that you can explore the place and the culture even better and adjust to the new culture faster. It is due to this that this university is regarded as the friendliest university in the entire country!

  1. Christchurch

Christchurch is a city of gardens, parks, and just pure greenery. It is one of the most laid-back cities in New Zealand due to its relaxed lifestyle and abundance of natural beauty. Apart from having beautiful beaches, it has its remarkable mountain range as well. It is quite big but with a population of just about four hundred thousand, which gives it a nice and quiet village feel. Although not in the countryside, it feels so due to its greenery and its people who are not in a rush like in other cities. It is also relatively flatter making it easier to cycle and skateboard in this city unlike in cities on this list. The architecture of this city is also a bit different. It is rather older and on the English and gothic style rather than the contemporary new styles that the other cities have adopted.

Art and history go hand in hand in this city with the famous Canterbury museum being everyone’s favorite in this city. On the education front, the University of Canterbury is the second oldest university in the country which masters all the natural sciences such as geology, biology, sociology, etc. Therefore, students will get a full package if they choose this city as their study destination. To top it all, this university has a unique campus filled with natural parks and lawns to help you unwind immediately after the lectures.

  1. Dunedin

Often called the Edinburgh of New Zealand, Dunedin is another city that is quite student-friendly and holds a lot on offer. Its architecture is dated way back in history with roots in Scotland, hence that name. It gets its unique design from the 19th century Scottish people that moved here from their native place and started influencing the local architecture. This city is a brilliant mesh of new and old. There are plenty of old townhouses dating back to even 120 years and museums which house many different historic art pieces. However, the city is also filled with modern street art and graffiti along with malls and bars to complement the old themes of the museums. And as for all the cities in this article, this one is also located by the national coastline giving this city its fair share of beaches to chill out on. In addition to that, the beaches are flocked by sea life such as sea lions who enjoy human interaction, and therefore, students can play with them while enjoying the beach.

This place is also known for its great literary heritage. In 2014, UNESCO announced it as their official creative literature city in New Zealand. The famous writer Thomas Bracken, who also wrote the country’s national anthem was born here. Moreover, the University of Otago has a record six libraries within its campus instead of one! This boosts the chances of students liking this city over others, especially considering the bookworms will be attracted by these six libraries. Further, the student accommodation is very unique as old heritage buildings are used to house foreign students; thus, giving them a chance to explore 19th-century Scottish architecture from up close.

  1. Tauranga

This is the 5th largest city in the country. This relatively unknown city has been steadily growing in the last ten years due to its quiet lifestyle and its cheap housing opportunities. Students come and study here primarily due to no traffic and the almost half rent rates compared to other student cities in New Zealand. Apart from that, young families are also flocking the place due to the same reasons making the city grow at an ever-increasing rate!

On top of that, work opportunities are also increasing, making the graduate students stick to the city and settle down even after completing their studies. It has a large port for export and import businesses which drives a bulk part of its revenue. Along with having some of the most beautiful beaches, this city like many others has a pleasant climate fit for any outsider. So the foreign students will have no problems staying here as the weather is perfect all year round.

To top it all, the universities of this city are top class too, offering some of the best courses in the country accredited to their national board. So any student can experience the calmness and the beaches along with top-quality education if they choose this city as their study destination for higher education. For the explorers, Mount Maunganui is one of the most popular tourist attractions in the city. Moreover, the White Island is the only known live volcano that is safe to explore in this part of the country. So the adventure junkies will get a kick out of all these potential things to explore in this city.

  1. Rotorua

This city boasts of gorgeous hot springs which occur naturally all over the city. It also offers natural geysers that turn water into the perfect blend of warm and cold water. The reason for this unnatural phenomenon throughout the city is its vicinity to a live volcanic zone called the Taupo volcanic zone. In addition to that, the city also has a giant lake which it is named after, and basically, it is situated on the outskirts of this lake. It is the most unique city in the country as steam always partially engulfs the city and the air is somewhat pungent-smelling due to the presence of extra sulfur in the air due to frequent volcanic activities going on nearby.

But there is nothing to fear as people safely inhibit this city and its peaceful nature and unique hot water springs constantly attract tourists from all over the planet. While this may not be as good as the other cities on this list but it is worth a visit by any student that is into nature and adventures.

  1. Queenstown

This entry to the list might be the most naturally stunning of them all. From a giant lake to sea beaches to a huge mountain range just nearby, Queenstown has it all. It is the most visually appealing city in New Zealand! But not only that, this place has some of the most decorated art houses in the country making it rank higher in the list of cities visited by art historians. Even the museums here display old 19th and 20th-century art pieces in their exhibitions. As for the social life, this city has to offer everything from dining halls to bars and pubs to cinema theatres. This city is an all-in-one package!

On top of that, it is also known as the adventure capital in the world and so tourists flock to this place to give their boring lives a kick-off before returning. Every activity from bungee jumping to paragliding to mountain hiking to overnight camping – you can do virtually everything and more if you have enough time in this city. As for the students, this city is also blessed with good quality universities and schools that offer proper guidance along with top-quality education to their students. So if you are a student in New Zealand, this city is worth a visit.

If you’re a student living in New Zealand or planning to move to this wonderful country, the list of these cities would help you make your decision.