Horrified at the idea of throwing a Halloween party? You are not alone. Now, when Halloween is only a week ahead you need a plan. In order to help you, we created a list of top things to do before a Halloween party.

  • Theme. Surprisingly, choosing a costume is not the first thing you should worry about. Instead, let’s start with choosing a theme of the party. You can pick out Disney theme, super-hero theme or even select your favorite movie, when everyone should dress up as Tarantino’s characters from “Kill Bill”, “Pulp Fiction”, “From Dusk till Dawn” etc.
  • Posters. If you don’t use Photoshop, you can print posters from the movies and add color yourself. Don’t forget about candles, old records and VHS reel of film in case you chose a film theme.
  • Music. Now when you are done with design, it is time to think about music. Download soundtracks from the movies or cartoons and ghost noises according to your theme. Music is the most powerful aspect in the party; make sure all CDs work just fine.
  • Time to think about the food. There are many recipes one should try for a Halloween party like famous finger cookies, jell-o warm treats, or ice-cream “eye-ball treats”. Just take a cube of vanilla ice-cream, cover it with strawberry syrup on sides and accessorize it with blue, green or brown M&Ms on top.

    halloween inspired snacks
    Halloween Fingers for treats
  • Drinks. The best drink for Halloween is of course punch. Serve one that is blood-red, acid green, blue or yellow. You can also decorate your cups and wineglasses with strawberry syrup so it looks like blood. Add some dry ice to your punch to create an eerie mist.

    Halloween Inspired Drinks
    Green Punch Drink
  • Costume. The best costumes for Halloween are the ones that are hand-made, it guarantees that it will be one of a kind, plus, it will be very special for you. If you are not in a mood to make a costume yourself, make sure to rent or buy yours at least a week before the holiday, as most of them are sold out long before the holiday.
  • Watching a spooky movie is a must on a Halloween party. The top films are “Exorcist” or “Halloween”, for less horrifying movies you can choose “Adam’s Family”, “It’s the Great Pumpkin” or “BeetleJuice”.
  • Spice up your party with outdoor and indoor games. Try “Squash Bowling”, pranks and jokes with ghosts and spiders and beloved “Bobbing for Apples”.
  • When you are done, don’t forget to recharge your camera batteries and clear space on your memory card.

That’s about it, follow these top things to do before a Halloween party and you should be ready for a fantastic evening. Do leave your comments and tell us your spooky and ghoulish ideas for this year’s Halloween Party. Also don’t forget to tweet your Halloween inspired pictures to us with #hauntmysite and win $100 gift cards. 

Paula G. is an author of “Top Things to do before a Halloween Party”. Right now she is a part-time editor for tutoring service at EduBoard.