We have received some beautiful entries for the #hauntmysite Halloween Photo Contest 2014. We would like to thank all the contestants for sending these amazing Halloween entries. A special thanks and mention is also due to all the Furry pals that were featured on those photographs and did a lovely job at portraying the spirit of Halloween.

Contestant April M sent us a lovely picture of her Dog Zeus dressed as Edward Scissorhands . Surf Dog Ricochet swarmed our twitter with more than a dozen amazing Halloween Costume photos dressed as Grandma got run over by a reindog, Swine Flu-zie, Big bird dog, old woofer in a shoe, Tails of Mother Goose, Pickle me Elmo, Energizer pup, Snorkel dog, Surfin’ birds, Miss pig doggie, Pupto Bismol, Donald Duck pawz dispenser, Twitter critter, FB thumb, Surfin’ Santa Paws, and She said it was cheese whiz. Rachel Munyon sent a lovely picture of her dog Jynco with his pumpkin. Katnissthestray entered the competition with a regal picture alongside some beautifully carved pumpkins.  Ivan Gell emailed us amazing Halloween inspired DIY craft ideas to create a Spooky water jug and milk jug by recycling old jugs in house. Eirenm sent us a wonderful picture of her Newfoundland dog dressed as Walter Matthau in Grumpy old man .

We loved each and every entry that we received and were also overwhelmed by all of your response! Thanks a lot everybody for participating and sharing with us these beautiful Halloween moments and inspiring us with your spooky sides.

The Top 3 contestants chosen by our Editors and Blogging team are : Rachel Munyon and her dog Jynco ;  Surf Dog Ricochet and Eirenm with her Dog ! These 3 will receive a $100 gift card from our website Assignmenthelp.net which they can use all through this year till the next Halloween in 2015.

Also all our Furry contestants will receive a token of love from our website. All the contestants are therefore requested to drop us their contact details (Full name, Home address, Phone number, email address) on prmanager@augmentsys.com and keep checking your mailboxes for our pet goodies. Stay tuned on our offers page to receive exciting Christmas offers, deals, discounts, goodies and contests.

Halloween Photo contest 2014
#hauntmysite Halloween Photo Contest 2014 entries