It’s almost that time of the year again, where we surround ourselves with spooky decorations, dress up as strange creatures and roam around looking for snacks. You guessed it, Halloween is right around the corner and you better prepare yourself for the gloomy night! Whether you are planning to host a spooky party for a bunch of friends, or simply want to create the dark atmosphere all for yourself, there are ways you can use your dining table to really set the tone for the night.


Halloween Pumpkin

What Halloween party does not include a Jack-o’-lantern? A not scary one! Jack-o’-lantern has become the symbol of Halloween, and we cannot help but associate the carved pumpkin with the celebration. Due to that, it is absolutely crucial to have one at the dining table. Not only will it serve as a great decoration, but it will also bring some (spooky) light upon the room and the guests in it. It is important that you hunt for the best looking one slightly ahead of time, as there probably won’t be any left as the celebration date approaches.


Fake cobwebs are really cheap and quite frankly, you can never have too many of them! They are a great decorative piece and will only contribute to the overall spooky experience at your dinner table. You can either use them to cover the Jack-o’-lantern, or simply spread them across the surface to make it look old and creepy. While you’re at it, get one (or more) of those spider toys and randomly put them around the table. Make sure that none of your guests suffer from arachnophobia, or things may turn really scary for them!

Dried Flowers

This is the cheapest way to set the perfect Halloween atmosphere in your home, however you should start now if you want to have this particular decoration ready for the date. Go outside and gather as many flowers as you can get, or simply order some cheap ones from a local shop and simply dry them. Once dried out, there is a great variety of things you can do with them. For example you can spread them across the table along with spiders and cobwebs, or put them in an old looking vase. It will make your table look at least a couple decades old!

Snacks & Candy

Halloween Candy

No Halloween can take place without an incredible amount of sweets; after all you don’t want to be tricked, do you? In order to prevent your home from being egged, and your guests from being hungry, you should stack up on Halloween candyand other snacks. The best thing about them is that the bat-shaped sweets and skull candy can serve as decoration too. You can put these all over the table, hide them in the cobwebs, or simply put them all in a large bowl which should be placed at the table in case a ghost knocks on your door on this spooky night.

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Author:Sophie is a contributor for news section at Big Lolly Blog. She is currently working on promoting their Halloween candy and candy buffet ideas. Wish you all Happy Halloween!