Matter is anything that has mass and occupies space. Solid, liquid and gas are the three states of matter and this property of matter can is perfectly related to the physical world.

Matter is made of small particles (atoms and molecules) that behave differently in three different phases. Solid has a fixed shape and size. Particles here are tightly packed without intermolecular space in between, such as a table or an ice. On the other hand, liquid does not have definite shape but it takes the shape of the container in which it is poured. The particles in a liquid are separated by the large distance having intermolecular space, example includes water. Finally, comes the gaseous form that have no shape at all and the intermolecular space is large enough to create vibration and hence particles here moves freely from one place to another, such as oxygen. A book, milk or a cloth, all describe the properties of matter. Likewise, there is lots more example that describes matter and its property.

state of matter

Apart from this basic form, there is two more state of matter that is not so common; plasmas and Bose-Einstein condenses. Plasma is also the gaseous state of matter but it includes ions and electrons. Therefore, it can be said that plasma is gaseous state that is electrically charged and can conduct electricity. The example includes storms, lightening, some kind of fluorescent light and many more. Lastly, Bose- Einstein condenses is the state when atoms behave like a small wave and overlaps one another until they form a single wave. This generally takes place when the temperature is little above absolute Zero i.e. the temperature when everything stops. Matter can change state with the gain or loss of heat. Thus, ice can be melted to water by gaining heat and water to ice by losing heat. Hence, the study of state of matter helps students to learn the transition state of different substance which is used in our daily life. In fact, this knowledge becomes an advantage to them if they go for higher studies in any of the scientific fields.

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