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States Of Matter

We know matter exists in three different states.

(i) Solid (ii) Liquid (iii) Gas

and these states are inter convertible into one another. A substance is solid if its melting point and boiling point above room temperature. A substance is liquid if its melting point is below room temperature and boiling point is above room temperature. A substance is gas if its melting and boiling points are less than the room temperature.

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The existence of these three states of matter is due to the inter molecular force of attraction which is again dependent on temperature. With the rise in temperature the molecular energy of substances also increases and state changes.

 molecular energy of also increases and state changes
Solid StateLiquid StateGaseous State
The intermolecular force of attraction is very high. As a result it has definite shape and volume.Intermolecular force of attraction is less compared to that of solid as a result it has definite volume but no definite shape.Intermolecular force of attraction is negligible as a result it has neither definite shape nor volume.
High density.High density but less than solid.Low densities.
Incompressible, because the molecules are packed closely to each other.Slightly compressible.Highly compressible because large space is there between any two molecules.
Molecules of solid have less energy.Molecules of liquid have high energy.Most energetic.
states of matter Assignment Help

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