Chemistry is an important branch of science. It is also called central science because it serves as a linkage between different branches of science such as physics, botany, zoology, geology etc. By studying chemistry one learns how to change matter into a useful advanced and smart materials necessary for our comfortable lives. Such attempts are nothing new rather they began even before recorded times when people tried to convert matter into more useful forms.

This happened during the Stone Age, the Copper age, the Iron Age etc. right from our Stone Age ancestors who chipped pieces of flint into useful tools and cut skin into garments, their knowledge grew and ultimately they started changing composition of substances. The chemistry began when clay was converted into pottery, when copper and other metals were extracted from their ores and when grain was converted into bread.

The world of chemistry
The world of chemistry

Chemistry is the investigation of the composition, structure, properties of matter. It is the study of reactions by which one form of matter may be produced from or converted into other forms. The scope of chemistry is unlimited and the chemists play a vital role in soil science, material science, food science, pharmacy, engineering, environmental studies, medicinal chemistry, and much more. Today the scope is not only limited to petroleum industry, paper industry, rubber sciences, cement industry, paints and pigments, pharmaceutical industry, dye industry, but it has also entered in the making of materials such as polymers, alloys, ceramics used in electronics industry.

After doing graduation in chemistry, one can find opportunity in government, private and self employment sector. There is a lot of scope of higher studies and specialization in sustainable (green) technologies for producing materials. The major research areas include medicinal industry, ceramic technology, nano material, nano sciences, polymer and plastics sciences, and petroleum sciences, chemical biology oriented research, energy research and other theoretical chemistry based research fields.