The word ‘macro ‘denotes ‘overall’ or ‘complete’, hence macroeconomics is a sub-branch of economics that deals economy in aggregate forms such as GNP, unemployment, inflation etc.

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Macroeconomics is like the country as a whole and microeconomics, the other sub-branch of economics is homes in that country. The basic functions of macroeconomics are collection, organization and analysis of data and take appropriate steps for helping the improvement of the economic condition of the country. Thus, some of the importance of macroeconomics in the modern world is:

• It helps students to understand the present economic condition and develops concept regarding the aggregate demand and supply.
• It makes them aware about the mediums that can help in the economic development of the country and hence helps to take the decision accordingly.
• It helps to increase GDP and hence the employment in the country.
• Economic problems like inflation, unemployment, poverty can be determined and necessary action for the improvement can be taken on time.
• Knowledge of macroeconomics helps to formulate policies and hence helps the country to take steps for the overall improvement of economic conditions.

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