Economics is rated one of the most interesting and important academic subject at college or university level. Economics is a dynamic field of study because it deals with many important areas like jobs (employment), growth and the economy condition of a particular country, organization or industry. Now a day economics is constantly expanding its scope.

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Economics is an extremely diverse and practical subject. After completing undergraduate and master’s degree in economics or major in economics, students can look forward to better career and excellent job opportunities in business, government, manufacturing, trade, education, banking, education, foreign service, journalism, insurance, finance, law, consulting and politics.

In economics subject, student has to learn many chapters namely economic theory, supply, demand theory and estimation, cost theory, production, distribution, capital budgeting, analysis of market structure, inflation, unemployment, international economics, government regulation of business, banking, interest rates, and finance.

Economics study is divided in two major part as follows: —

1. Macroeconomics

  • Measuring the Economy
  • Demand
  • Supply
  • Banking
  • Money
  • Economic Growth
  • International Trade
  • Policy Debates
  • Tax and Fiscal Policy

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2. Microeconomics

  • Consumer Theory: Income Effect, Substitution Effect, Hicksian demand analysis, Marshallian demand analysis, Utility function, indifference curves, law of diminishing marginal utility
  • Producer Theory: Law of diminishing returns of scale, Law of Variable proportions, Economies to Scale, Diseconomies to Scale
  • Market Behavior
  • Market Structures on Perfect Competition, monopoly, monopolistic competition and Oligopoly
  • Study of patterns of supply and demand: Determinants of Demand and Supply, shift of demand curve, shift of supply curve
  • Income Distribution: factor pricing models to determine price of labour, price of land and price of capital
  • Elasticity of demand and supply: price elasticity of demand, income elasticity of demand, cross price elasticity
  • Market Failures including Monopolies and Oligopolies, Externalities, Public Goods, Adverse Selection, Moral Hazard
  • General Equilibrium Analysis and Pareto Optimality

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