Science is a well known branch of knowledge, facts or principles, or systematically study of physical world through general laws in physical science and mathematical sciences. In a broad sense, purpose of science is to produce useful models or applications to serve society.

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The main goal for parents towards their children is to ensure that they get science education in meaningful way. It is a fact that science subject guide you, how to do experiments? This is the reason why science has always preference to other academic subjects. The school teachers suggest that students can learn best science experiments in the laboratory. To learn science concepts, students must follow experiment exercises in science laboratory.

Following are the three main branches of science:

  1. Physical Sciences
  2. Biological Sciences
  3. Social Sciences

As we know that science plays an important role in area of technology (i.g. biotechnology, nanotechnology) medicine, chemical, energy, and research developments. It is very true that ongoing scientific experiments and research finding will continue to improve our lives.

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