Brain size does not matter
Brain size does not matter

1. Brain Size does not matter

We keep a Labrador in our family who is very clever and smart. You may never tell him anything but just by your body stance, posture and movements he will figure out what you are up to. Now he does not carry a lot of weight in his head but every time his reactions and actions just astound us. He knows and perfectly understands what we want to tell him. He will sense automatically when we are mad at him or when do we want to shower love and treats and hugs and belly rubs on him. He knows exactly what he has to do in every situation and yet he does not has a lot of brain mass. At least not as huge as ours. If you have a dog or for that matter any pet just observe their actions closely and you will soon realize that sometimes its just intelligence and intuition combined.
It's Time !
It’s Time !

2. Punctuality

Every day at 4.30 AM sharp my lab dashes into my room and wakes me up for his 5.00 AM walk. Everyday at 8.30 AM my dog tugs at me for his daily breakfast. Everyday at 1.00 PM my lab is standing at the front door waiting for my mom to come back from work. Then at 3.00 PM he awaits the arrival of my younger brother from school. At 7.30 PM he is waiting for my dad and then at 9.30 PM he is again barking at us for his dinner meal.
The watch may be wrong but not our lab. He is very disciplined regarding his time table. Its a strict schedule which he follows religiously, come rain come storm. In fact most of the pets are very particular about their timings. Now only if humans could be half as much punctual then we will eliminate over 90% of tensions from our lives and deliver quality and excellence in every task we perform.
Enjoy a stress free life
Enjoy a stress free life

3. Stress Free life

Eat, Sleep, Pee, wag tail and Bark . Isn’t that an amazing life. So stress free. So tension free. No wonder dogs are such happy and joyous lovely creatures all brimming with love, affection and energy. Take clues from your dog and de -clutter your life. Let go of all unimportant things. Don’t waste time on petty issues. Give importance to more important stuff in life, Its all about taking time for your pack (family :-p). Even if you are an alpha, letting go of petty issues, small fights and egos. Its about wagging your tails in appreciation of your pack members. Its about always being their to greet your loved ones. In dog world the rule is simple, if you cant eat it or play with it just pee on it and walk away.
Remain Loyal to your love, work and life
Remain Loyal to your love, work and life

4. Loyalty

Dogs are an epitome of loyalty and selfless love. Dogs forever remain most faithful to their masters, completing and staying true to every duty assigned to them, even when the master is not around. Now that’s the most important quality we all need to imbibe in ourselves. Staying true to what is worth it. Staying true to your work, staying true to yourself. Loyalty towards everyone who loves us and cares for us. If we can embrace his characteristic of our pets we can get rid of so much unnecessary wasteful thinking, jealousy, supervision worries and lead a happy stress free life.
I Like to Party! Everybody Does :-)
I Like to Party! Everybody Does šŸ™‚

5. Celebrating everything in life.

Every time i walk in through the front door, my Lab jumps at me, barks at me, licks me , wags his tails, and ultimately bring his chew toys and offers me a play. This happens even if I go out for five minutes, For dogs its a celebration every time I walk in. This is the most beautiful quality of dogs and other pets i guess. They know how to find happiness in smallest, little things of life. Even if it is a small bone, or just one ball throw, one simple belly rub, half eaten cupcakes, little sweets anything and everything. Dogs find happiness. They get all the right reasons to wag their tails.
Sometimes in our lives too we get so caught up in bigger, detailed affairs, that we completely overlook smaller reasons of joy. Sharing a family meal together, your child’s first stage performance, just a small kiss to your kids and loved ones, sharing a steaming hot coffee mug in rains. Sometimes happiness is in smaller things and not in the magnum events !