Using Mobiles and iPads as a means to Better Education

The rapid advancement in technology that the world has seen in recent years has led to paradigm shift. Whether you are sitting in the waiting room outsides doctor’s cabin or in a coffee shop, you would surely notice kids or teens tapping continuously on their mobile phones or tabs. These user friendly devices have become helpful and amicable companions to the younger generation.

Some people may argue that kids are wasting their time on these devices, they should rather play outside, read or study. On the other hand, kids may beg to differ. However, there is one think that the parents are missing here. Smartphones and iPads can be great tools for learning. If children are guided to make the right use of these technological wonders, they can learn things very fast.

Bruce Springsteen once rightly said “We learned more from a three-minute record than we ever learned in school.” Tablet computing and mobile devices promise to have a dramatic impact on education. These mobile devices enable one to find, disseminate, discuss, opine, distribute and create on the fly.

Kids can download educational videos, play interactive games based on math, science, general knowledge, they can join communities where they can share their areas of interest with other like-minded people.. the list is endless. Children have everything available at the touch of a button (well, technically only at a ‘touch’), parents and teachers need to play an active role and guide young people to make most appropriate and fruitful use of these gadgets.

Mobile can be used to capture quizzes and micro-learning opportunities. There can be recording classes which can be turned into pod casts, teams can be assigned to work on mobile video projects or even do real-time scavenger hunts on campus or in the community. Teaching that skill happens every day in the classroom but it need not end there, and that is where smartphones and tabs can truly shine. Mobile holds the nascent promise of bridging the desire to learn about everything and the ability to learn about it anywhere. The key now is to start.

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