‘’A good teacher is not the one who imparts more knowledge, but a good teacher is the who ignites the spark and lets the student himself tred the path to knowledge and learning”. A good or a quality teacher is the one who understands each student according to his /her capabilities never underestimates nor overestimates the ability of a child to learn or excel. A good teacher is a friend, philosopher and guide. A quality teacher stoops down to the level of the child to make things a bit easier for him but at the same time takes utmost care not to spoon feed the child but allows him to learn from his own mistakes for only that kind of learning is true learning. A quality teacher helps a child not only to develop learning skills but also to explore his/her potential and creativity to the fullest.

A quality teacher is aware of each and every aspect and topic of the subject irrespective of the difficulty level and makes sure that his/her student should be completely well versed with the subject. A quality teacher pays attention to each and every student and is completely aware of the strengths and weaknesses of each student and works accordingly. A good teacher helps in instilling self confidence in the child and also nurturing them completely not only for excelling in exams but for overall and all round development of the child. With an increase in competition students require assignment help and online tutoring services with experienced online tutors. Online tutoring help can help a child get experienced tutors with a Masters or PHD in the subject

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