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Finance is the study of how investors allocate their assets over time with certain conditions of certainty and uncertainity. It is basically the study of behavior of financial markets and the behavior of financial markets under different conditions. Finance basically deals with the future value of a unit of currency and hence helps to find out whether it is profitable and risk free to invest today or not. Hence financial analyst give an indication to investors about the best time to invest by studying the financial markets in detail. Finance can be broken into three categories –Public Finance, Corporate Finance and Personal Finance. Personal Finance deals with how people can protect themselves from unfavorable situations and the effect of tax policy on their lives. Managerial or corporate finance deals with providing funds for a corporations activities. Public finance deals with identification of the required expenditure of a public sector entity and the budgeting process of the government. People pursuing finance can get themselves placed with leading multinational companies and can also find jobs as financial analyst in financial markets and corporate debt bond markets. Online tutoring services and online assignment help can go a long way in helping the students with this subject.

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