A dissertation is the most vital, paramount, and critical work that a student ever does in college. It is the most difficult and also the most important assignment that a student has to do in his entire academic life. A good thesis, dissertation, or even a research paper can turn around the life of a student. If you have a paper entitled to your name out there, you can get the perfect kickstart for your career. A dissertation is one of the most important projects that a student undertakes because a lot depends on it.

Needless to mention, it is quite challenging to write a good dissertation. It is not a task that any student would voluntary want to take. In fact, most students are not fond of long and tiring assignments and projects like a dissertation.  One can say that the difficulty level of this assignment is perhaps the only thing that does not change with the subject. No matter what subject you are studying, no matter which college you are in or what course you have opted for, a dissertation is always going to be difficult to write. It is really important that every student writing a dissertation gets the right guidance and supervision. If the student decides or has to write the dissertation without any guidance, the path ahead for him will be very difficult.

There are many problems that a student encounters while writing a dissertation. One of these problems is the length of the process. In the case of a postgraduate degree, the length of the assignment, as well as the process, is quite short as compared to that in a doctoral course. In the case of a doctoral course, the process can be quite long. The student works on one subject for years. Throughout the course, he is required to research on one particular topic or subject. When the research is finally over, the student is required to prepare a dissertation. More often than not, the process can turn out to be really exhausting for a student.

Important things to keep in Mind

As already mentioned, the students need supervision while they write a dissertation. It is imperative that they get some proper guidance in order to write a good dissertation and get a good grade.

Here are some of the things that a student can keep in mind while writing the dissertation:

1. Do not commit plagiarism

The entire point of writing a dissertation is to present the findings that you have discovered as a result of your research for the past few years. This research is supposed to be original. Therefore, copying somebody else’s content is out of the picture. Committing plagiarism is one of the easiest ways out that the students see. But keep in mind that committing plagiarism is one of the worst things you can do to your dissertation. If plagiarism is found in your project, it serves as a sign of incompetence. It tells your supervisor that you did not consider yourself good enough to do your project yourself. Moreover, there are all sorts of troubles that a student can get into for committing plagiarism. Some universities even have policies of taking legal action against the students who commit plagiarism.

Therefore, make sure that even if you have used some of your already published work, you cite it. There should be proper citations in your document.

Always remember that plagiarism is considered one of the biggest offences in the world of writing. Nothing will fill your supervisor with disgust than the act of plagiarism. Therefore, make sure you avoid it.

2. Pay attention to the structure

Make sure that your dissertation is structured in the best possible way. A student should keep in mind that the dissertation is a long document. Thus, structuring is not going to be easy. However, for this same reason, it is important that you structure it well. Since it is a long document, there are chances that the reader can’t navigate his way between topics easily. Therefore, the structure should be such that it helps the readers navigate smoothly.

Moreover, a good structure will help you get good grades. In fact, a good structure is the most appealing element of a dissertation. Remember that if a reader cannot understand what you have written in your dissertation, it is absolutely waste. Your primary job is to do good and original research. But structuring the research in the document in an easily readable manner is also part of your job. It is one of the things on which your grade depends. If your dissertation is not structured well, you can rest assured that you are not going to get a good grade.

3. Keep the documents intact

Another thing that you should be really careful about is keeping all the documents intact. As already mentioned, the process of writing a dissertation is quite long. Therefore, organizing all the documents and research becomes a task in itself after a certain point of time. The process can span over the years and by the time a student starts actually penning down the dissertation, he has collected mountains of research, data, and information. It is important that throughout the process, at every stage, this raw information is organized so that it can be found easily and put into the dissertation. Even if you do not collect a good amount of knowledge in these years, you will surely collect a heap of raw information. This raw information is going to prove really useful when you begin writing your dissertation.

Therefore, instead of leaving things for last, organize your research, information, and the data as you find it. Most of the students leave this part for later, and that is one of their biggest mistakes. If this is left for the end of the course, it just becomes too much work to be done in too little time, and thus results in a low quality-dissertation.

4. Select the topic wisely

Selecting the topic is perhaps the only thing that a student has to worry about even before he begins to write the dissertation. It is the very first step that someone takes towards the dissertation. Once the topic is selected, the rest of the process can flow smoothly. The student has to simply begin with collecting the data, organizing it, drafting the structure of the dissertation and then move ahead in the same manner. And perhaps this is the reason that selecting the topic can be termed as one of the most difficult parts of the entire process of dissertation writing. Another reason behind this is that until the topic is decided, the student has nothing to go on with. Everything depends on the topic and the nature of it. From the approach to the source of information, everything that follows after is dependent on the topic itself.

Therefore, all the students should be highly careful while selecting the topic. Most of the student can be pretty indecisive when it comes to selecting a topic, and it is nothing but natural for one to be indecisive at such a stage. Most topics that one finds out or looks at, have some appeal to them. Every topic has at least some information about it which can be researched upon and included in the dissertation, and thus all the topics add to the confusion and indecisiveness of a student.

However, if given the proper guidance, the process can prove to be really easy. The student should simply keep in mind the expectations of his supervisor, the way the course has been taught to him, and everything else that he has learnt in the class. If all of these things are kept in mind, selecting the topic can prove to be really easy for a student.

Dissertation on Business Management

Business Management is one of the most significant jobs for the authorities of any business today. There are many aspects to this one task, e.g.: consumer behaviour management, accounts, financial management, etc.

Since this is such an important part of businesses today, the professors and supervisors expect the student to understand the importance of the subject. They expect the student to choose a topic not just for the sake of understanding, but one that demands the student to conduct some real research and contribute to the world in some manner.

Top 25 Topics

If you are a business management student, here are twenty-five of the best topics that you can choose from to write your dissertation:

  1. Successful ways to incorporate CSR activities in businesses today to ensure optimization of revenue.
  2. How is corporate governance affecting globalization in today’s world?
  3. A study on how socio-cultural diversity in a company affects the leadership of that company?
  4. An examination of the growing interest in entrepreneurship in the entire world.
  5. Methods for businesses to motivate their employees without investing any money.
  6. A study on ways to manage the commitment of employees in a not-for-profit organization.
  7. An examination of the relationship between output and overtime.
  8. How do corporate practices result in an increase in competitiveness and an enhancement of the social condition?
  9. How does the ownership of a renowned social media site or account have an impact on the business of an organization?
  10. A study of the ways in which a stereotypical male leadership can impact the female workforce of an organization.
  11. Is there a need to distinguish leadership from management for organizations to effective overall corporate strategies?
  12. An analysis of the way business models are developing because of the increasing dependence on technology.
  13. Are the motivation strategies adopted by companies really important or are they nothing more than simple orientation programs?
  14. How globalization has had an impact on business management strategies.
  15. Ways in which a business organization can benefit from an effective vendor management strategy.
  16. A study of all the risks and benefits that are involved in an International Joint Venture.
  17. A study of how innovation can play a major role in improving the business operations of an organization.
  18. Online branding provides a real edge and competitive advantage in this digital age.
  19. An attempt to understand the contribution of the relationship between diversity and Corporate Social Responsibility on the performance of an organization.
  20. A study of the role of staff training in the development and execution of CSR skills.
  21. An examination of the holistic approach to management and its effects.
  22. An examination of the family conglomerates from a business and revenue perspective.
  23. Impact of online business promotion sites in the successful starting of a business organization.
  24. Ways for businesses to fight negligence displayed by their customers
  25. Mechanisms that small businesses can adopt to remain aware of all the changes in the market trends.

These topics are few of the best that business management students can choose from to write a dissertation on. But before finalizing a topic, try to keep in mind the expectation of your supervisor or professor.