The entire task of writing a dissertation is filled with pressure. Needless to mention, it takes a huge amount of time and energy for anyone to write a dissertation. If the student tries to give his best at every cost, then the project is going to consume an even more amount of effort and energy. When you write a dissertation, everyone from your supervisor to your peers to your family puts pressure on you to give your best and prepare a great dissertation. Therefore, it is quite natural for you to freak out a little and become a little nervous every now and then.

As a student, you should understand that the dissertation you write is going to be the most critical and vital project or assignment that you are ever going to undertake.  And naturally, it is also going to be the most difficult assignment for you. However, this is not to say that you should get scared while writing the dissertation. Instead, it would be better if you keep in your mind the reward you are going to get if you write a good one and meet the expectations of everyone around you. If you have a quality paper entitled to your name already out there in the world, it can be great for you. You can even get the desired kickstart for your career.

Because of the challenges that this mammoth task presents to the students, it is highly difficult to be able to write a good dissertation. You would hardly find anyone eagerly willing to work on writing a dissertation. Most of the students dread this time throughout the entire course. No matter what course you choose or which corner of the world you land up in for it, if you need to write a dissertation, it is not going to easy.

Correct supervision, guidance, and mentoring are highly necessary for all the students writing a dissertation. It is perhaps one of the only ways to make sure that the dissertations do not turn out to be poor. If a student is forced to write the dissertation without any proper guidance and mentoring, the path ahead can be really difficult for him.

The process of writing a dissertation is filled with many problems. One major problem associated with this process is the length. A student has to spend a number of years while collecting the research on a particular topic. He has to work on a subject for a long time. And when his research is finally over, then comes the time to present the dissertation. The reason why the length of this process is considered a problem is because of the other problems that come with this long length. Because of this length, the process can turn out to be quite exhausting for a student.

Selecting the Topic:

Before you start with this massive paper, you need to come up with a topic for it. You need to thoroughly discuss and analyse the topic from all possible perspectives and angles. There are some students who have their dissertation topics selected for years. Mostly, it is something that they find really fascinating and something that they want to explore more and more. But it is rarely the case. More often than not, a student does not find his calling by the time he comes to college. Therefore, it is not very easy for him to decide on the topic. So, if you are reading this, chances are that you, like many other students, are stuck trying to find the right topic for your hospitality and tourism course.

Selecting the topic is one of those things that a student has to worry about even before beginning to write the dissertation. The entire process begins when the student starts thinking about the topic. If the topic is selected early, then most of the problems of the process are eliminated. The next phase is quite mechanical. You have to collect data, organize and structure it, and begin to draft the dissertation. Therefore, it would not be wrong if one calls selecting the topic one of the most difficult and important stages of the process. If you look at it, until you decide upon the topic, you literally have nothing to go on with. The entire path that you are going to take ahead in the process is going to be decided by the topic that you select.

Therefore, always make sure that you remain highly careful and think about all the aspects before finalizing a topic. It is not unusual to see students being pretty indecisive while deciding the topic for their dissertation. The reason for this indecisiveness is that every topic that the students look at has some appeal. Each and every topic has some possibility and can be explored. This possibility associated with each and every topic adds to the indecisiveness of the students. This is why proper guidance is really important for a student to successfully and easily finalize a topic for his dissertation on hospitality and tourism.

However, it is also necessary that you remember all that you have been taught and all that you have been told by your supervisor. Keeping these things in mind can help you in selecting the topics easily.

Hospitality and Tourism:

Hospitality and Tourism is an industry that is not meant for everyone. You have to learn the tricks of the trade to survive in this industry. For instance, if you work in this industry, on some days, you might come across an outspoken guy who would like it if you behave frankly; however, if you meet some introvert and try to speak to him in the same manner, he would be annoyed and irritated by you.

The tourism industry is rising exponentially with each passing day. It is becoming the primary focus of many international organizations. For anyone or any entity working in this industry, it is important to maintain the quality of the hospitality services. The thesis and dissertation that the college students are asked to write are based on the same points.

Top 25 Topics:

As already mentioned, selecting the topic for the dissertation is one of the most important stages of the process. Here are the best twenty-five topics for you to choose from and prepare your hospitality and tourism dissertation:

  1. A study of the best ways to improve hospitality in a hotel without compromising on other things.
  2. An analysis of how to deal with the guests that try to torture the employees of the hotel because of their powerful position.
  3. A study of the cultural differences and how they have an impact on the hospitality industry.
  4. Ways in which the potential damage to natural resources popular tourist areas can be avoided without compromising on the economic benefits of welcoming the visitors to the region.
  5. How can the increased awareness of the need to conserve water resources have an impact on the use of water in popular tourist destinations?
  6. A study of the ways to impress a visitor with your hospitality in order to make sure that he chooses your hotel every time.
  7. Major advantages and disadvantages of the development of tourism in an area. (You can take a particular area).
  8. How can a resource-based or market-based approach to sustainable tourism more effective?
  9. Do the individual standards of sustainability in different countries around the world have an impact on the global effort to develop more sustainable tourism?
  10. How important a role does primary education at a local level play in the development of sustainable tourism in developing countries?
  11. An analysis of the hospitality services that the guests at hotel care for the most.
  12. Can the impact of hospitality services be increased by adding other services along with them?
  13. An analysis of the proclivity of guests to steal things from the hotel rooms and the relation of it to the cost of room, age of guest, education level and other factors.
  14. A study of the impact of the communication style of the service provider on the perceptions of the guests about a hotel.
  15. How important is the role of a hospitality manager in keeping the team as a union and making them work effectively in collaboration?
  16. How influential can hospitality services be in increasing the tourism of a region and thus adding to the economic growth?
  17. An investigation to find out the most effective things that catch the eye of the guests through the services and hospitality.
  18. What are the biggest challenges that the human resource management of a team faces in providing the best hospitality to their guest?
  19. Worst outcomes that can come out of not living up to the expectation of the guests in terms of hospitality and services.
  20. An analysis of how the brand names have an impact on the growing tourism industry of a region. (You can select a particular region and then go about it).
  21. An analysis of how the use of colour inside a restaurant or hotel can have an impact on the perceptions that the guests make of the place.
  22. What are the major hospitality services that you just cannot miss out on providing to your customers?
  23. An analysis of the most fundamental elements of hospitality services in luxury hotels.
  24. How impactful are the internet review sites are in driving tourism to or away from a region or a hotel?
  25. What are the things that a tourism agent should never do in front of tourists or even prospective tourists?

These are some of the best topics that you can choose for writing your dissertation on hospitality and tourism.

Other things to keep in mind:

Done with selecting the topic? Surely, you’re relieved, but now is not the time to take your eye off the ball. Now that you have finalized the topic for your dissertation, the next step is writing the dissertation. But there are certain things that you need to be careful of while writing it. Some of them are:

1. Structure it well:

You need to ensure that you structure the dissertation to the best of your ability. Since the dissertation is a long document, it is obviously going to be difficult for anyone to navigate through the topics or pages inside it. Therefore, it is your job and obligation to structure your dissertation in a way that the readers can easily navigate through the entire dissertation.

Keep in mind that the effort you put in to make your structure good will be very fruitful.  A good ensure will end up almost making sure that you get good grades. In fact, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that a good structure is one of the most appealing elements of a dissertation. It is also the most important. If the reader cannot understand and comprehend the contents of your dissertation, then your dissertation is nothing more than waste. Therefore, always consider making the structure a good one a part of your job.

2. Try to keep the documents organized

The process of writing a dissertation is long. Doing the research and collecting the information also adds to this length. As you go more and more ahead with your research, the number of papers and documents you have with yourself will increase. It will come to such a point that organizing the documents properly will be a task in itself after a point. But if you want to utilize all the information that you collect, it is necessary that you keep the documents intact with yourself. Even if you decide to keep them in an order that only you can understand, it’s fine. But you should organize them so that when you need them, you can find each and every single paper easily. Many students commit the mistake of not doing so and leaving things for the last. But all that does is create confusion and panic in the mind of the students. Moreover, in the end, it will be too much work to be done in little time. Therefore, do not leave this task for the end.