With the world booming up every day in the field of science, there are many more areas that are constantly evolving. Education, medicine, entertainment etc are few of the fields which are developing fast. A variety of tools, aids and techniques have been developed from time to time that help us in these fields.

And when it comes to teaching, then surely a lot of new aids and applications are required, since teaching is the career which builds up all other careers. It is not just a job. It is a firm dedication of a person to carve the best personality out of a child. So much is expected from the teachers, right? To teach the right etiquette for meeting table, playing a new sport together, solving the arithmetic or calculating the speed of the planets; teachers put in a tremendous effort to shape up the future of our children.

And time has always been moving forward, improving itself in a better way from the last day. From a time when schooling used to mean learning some language and manners only, we have come to an era where you can get all your lessons online! The wheel of time has kept moving always and we have evolved with it constantly. And with so many apps being built up around us, why not use some of them while teaching?

Hard to believe it right? Since we think that the major function of the apps or websites are for either entertaining us or connecting us to other people. But some can help us too when it comes to work. And one such great website is Pinterest.

how to use pinterest classroom teachers

Yes, you must have heard about it earlier. The loads of ideas it can provide for anything you ask for is good enough to trigger many more ideas in your mind. And this is the reason why teachers should use Pinterest as a teaching aid in the classroom.

It can be a good way to trigger ideas in the children’s minds. Here are some of the ways to use Pinterest for teaching.

  1. Getting inspiration for decorating the classroom

Pinterest for teachers

It gets really boring to sit in the same dull room, with plain walls and a huge blackboard to stare at. So why not decorate the classroom! From kindergarten level to high school, teachers can pick up ample number of ideas from Pinterest to decorate the classroom. The children can do as instructed by the teacher. Or even better if it is made like a group activity, and you will see the coordination bubbles up among the children. Decorating the classroom does not mean just to stick up some fancy papers here and there, it should have a meaning for the students as well. Following some of the ideas and adding a few on your own can give good results.

We recommend: This Classroom Decoration Ideas’ board by The Cheerful Chalkboard

  1. Building up crafting ideas in children

pinterest classroom craft

Craft is a fun thing to do with children. It teaches a lot of things while working with various materials, objects and colors. And Pinterest is full of such ideas. There are so many ideas to use for making a craft product. Teachers should follow such ideas and they can give assignments based on such ideas. Not only the children learn to do craft work, they get something to relax and look forward to do.

Check out: Classroom Crafts Board

  1. For sourcing the best images for a topic

pinterest for teachers

Teaching about the science behind mirrors and reflection? You will feel the need to explain better by showing relevant pictures. But is happens at times that we are not able to find a great picture through the search engines. And that is where Pinterest can save you. It is a very visual resource, from where you can source dozens of pictures related to your topic for the next lecture. Not just science or art, you will find plenty of images related to fashion, history, biology etc.

Here are some recommendations : Human Biology, Chemistry, Physics Mathematics, Economics Business

  1. Have students pin project ideas

pinterest classroom teachers

It is a good platform to get the students to work. You can get them to pin their ideas on a board about the topic you will be working next on. This is something different from the regular way of submitting the work and checking it. The students will have an interest doing such kind of different way of presenting their ideas, and it will be easy for the teachers too, to discuss the ideas with the class.

Here’s one cool student ideas board.

  1. Visual group work

pinterest teachers classroom

Won’t it be amazing if you can see all the work you group has done in one go? Pinterest can surely let you do that. Sharing pictures for presentations or links to various resources or links can be done. Or you can simply pin up pictures about your work on a board. This way all the group members can track down the work anytime and discuss it.

See some inspiration on this student projects based board.

  1. Bring science to life

pinterest classroom videos

How good it would be, if the students can see the experiment they just studied about in the form of a video? It makes much easier for them to understand the whole process. Pinterest offers you videos on various topics too. Teachers can use it during the class and see how quickly the kids get it. It will a great thing to do for the teachers too, since they will be able to explain each step of the experiment during the video.

Check out this wonderful science videos board.

  1. Find the best books to study from

pinterest classroom

It can be a tough job to find the right book for the students to study from, which is according to their age and easy to understand. But not that tough when Pinterest is just a click away! It can help you to some extent in picking up the right book for a topic.

Here’s a board to inspire your next reading.

  1. Collaborate with other teachers and educators

pinterest teachers

One should not be afraid to share their work with others, as it can help other people when required. Teachers can share the work or project they are working on with other teachers too. Through this way, you can get inspired from others’ way of working and do something like that with your own class too. You can pin your projects and lectures, from where others can view it and do similar things.

Learn more from this A+ collaborating teachers’ board.

  1. Know about new and innovative teaching methods

pinterest teacher classroom

Just like I said earlier, the world is developing every day. So why not move forward with new teaching aids too! You can read the blogs present on pinterest, which give ideas about new ways of connecting with the students, managing them and discussing your work with them.

Find out about latest teaching tools on this board.

  1. Get ideas about an inspired bulletin board

pinterest teacher classroom

A bulletin board display is surely a good way to keep the children excited for their work. They will look forward to see their accomplishments on the wall. Keep them at the peak of their excitement by giving interesting projects to do, which will be displayed on the bulletin board. To match their excitement levels, a well decorated bulletin board will be a great way to work with. You will get dozens of ideas to turn your regular simple bulletin board into a creative, exciting one. This way, teachers can not only add beauty to the class, but also keep the children dedicated to their studies.

Unleash your creative side with ideas from Time out Mom’s classroom bulletin board ideas.

See, the ideas are really simple to do, but really effective for everyone. From decorating your classroom to keeping the students maintain their interest in the subjects, Pinterest helps you out in so many ways while teaching. Use them and take your teaching methods to an altogether new level.