Studying in Australia

The states and territories are majorly responsible for Education in Australia. Each state or territory government provides funding and regulates the public and private schools within its governing area. Pre-school in Australia is relatively unregulated, and is not compulsory. The first exposure many Australian children have to learn with others outside of traditional parenting is day care or a parent-run playgroup. School education in Australia is compulsory between certain ages as specified by state or territory legislation. Depending on the state or territory, and date of birth of the child, school is compulsory from the age of five to six to the age of fifteen to seventeen.

Australian primary and secondary schools are currently migrating to a common reporting and assessment format. Primary and secondary education is the responsibility of the states in Australia. In order to complete high school studies, students complete coursework to attain the Certificate of Education (Australian Capital Territory Year 12 Certificate, Higher School Certificate, Tasmanian Certificate of Education etc.) for their respective state.

Tertiary education (or higher education) in Australia is primarily study at university or a technical college in order to receive a qualification or further skills and training. More than 280,000 international students from about 195 countries study in Australia each year. Some of the famous universities of Australia are University of Melbourne, Australian National University, University of Sydney, University of Queensland. Notable alumni of these universities are Sir Robert Menzies, Professor David de Kretser, Alfred Deakin.

The various advantages of studying in Australia are that Australian degrees are recognized worldwide and the cost incurred is less than that in US, UK. The universities are research focused and technologically driven. There are plenty of settlement options and post qualification work available. Australian Government legislation requires quality assurance agencies and codes of conduct to be in place so that international students in Australia and their parents enjoy a level of service and financial protection that is unrivalled.

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