Are you an international student dreaming of a brighter future in a land of opportunity? Look no further than Australia! With its stunning landscapes, diverse culture, and a booming job market, Australia is an attractive destination for students seeking quality education and a promising career. In this blog, we will explore the many compelling reasons why international students should consider working in Australia and the pathways available to make it a reality.

1. Earn 5-8 Times More Than Your Current Salary

Australia offers competitive salaries across various industries, making it an enticing destination for international students. Whether you’re in the field of IT, marketing, engineering, healthcare, accounting, human resources, or any other, you can expect a substantial increase in your income compared to your home country.

2. 400,000 Job Opportunities Await

Australia has a growing economy with an abundance of job opportunities. Whether you are looking for part-time work to support your studies or a full-time career after graduation, you will find numerous vacant positions in your chosen field.

3. Secure Australia PR After 3 Years

Australia provides a pathway to permanent residency for skilled workers, making it an attractive option for international students who wish to settle in the country. After just three years of working in Australia, you may become eligible to apply for Permanent Residency (PR).

4. Eased Work Visa Policies

Australia has simplified its work visa policies to attract global talent. International students can easily transition from student visas to work visas, facilitating a seamless entry into the Australian job market.

5. Enjoy Social Benefits with Your Family

Australia values the importance of family unity. As a skilled worker, you can bring your family to join you in Australia, benefiting from the country’s excellent social welfare and healthcare systems.

Check Your Eligibility

Before you start your journey to work and live in Australia, it’s crucial to assess your eligibility. Use our Australia Immigration Points Calculator to determine your eligibility and potential pathways.

Top In-Demand Occupations in Australia

Australia has a high demand for professionals in various fields. Here are some of the top in-demand occupations along with their annual salaries in Australian Dollars (AUD):


  • Salary: $99,642 – $115,000

Marketing & Sales

  • Salary: $84,072 – $103,202


  • Salary: $92,517 – $110,008


  • Salary: $60,000 – $75,000


  • Salary: $101,569- $169,279

Accounting & Finance

  • Salary: $77,842 – $92,347

Human Resources

  • Salary: $80,000 – $99,519


  • Salary: $72,604 – $99,552

Professional and Scientific Services

  • Salary: $90,569 – $108,544

Migrate to Australia via Work Visa

Australia offers different types of work visas for temporary and permanent migration. To work and live in Australia, you must meet the eligibility criteria and understand the application process.

Types of Australia Work Visas

There are various types of work visas in Australia. Let’s explore some of them:

Temporary Skill Shortage Visa (Subclass 482)

  • Duration: Up to four years
  • Requires employer sponsorship and relevant skills
  • Three streams available: Short-Term, Medium-Term, and Labour Agreement

Employer Nomination Scheme Visa (Subclass 186)

  • Allows employers to sponsor skilled workers for permanent residency
  • Three streams: Temporary Residence Transition, Direct Entry, and Agreement

Skilled Employer Sponsored Regional (Provisional) Visa (Subclass 494)

  • Provisional visa valid for up to five years
  • Must work in a designated regional area
  • Pathway to permanent residence

Designated Area Migration Agreement (DAMA)

  • Allows employers to hire skilled and semi-skilled workers in areas with labor shortages

Requirements for Australia Work Visa

To obtain an Australia work visa, you must meet specific requirements. These may include:

  • English proficiency demonstrated through IELTS (minimum score of 6)
  • Occupation listed in the Skilled Occupation List of Australia
  • Relevant skills and work experience
  • Skills assessment through an approved assessing authority
  • Medical and character certificates
  • Minimum of three years of experience
  • Age below 45 years
  • Familiarity with Australia’s values and life
  • Meeting other criteria as specified for your visa type

Top In-Demand Occupations in Australia

Let’s take a closer look at some of the high-demand professions in Australia:

IT and Software

  • Booming IT sector with numerous job opportunities
  • A wide range of roles for software engineers
  • Ideal for freshers and experienced professionals


  • Offers diverse specializations
  • Competitive salaries in roles such as Aerospace Engineer, Biomedical Engineer, and more

Accounting and Finance

  • High demand in the finance sector
  • Opportunities in accounting, insurance, and investment
  • Path to top financial management positions

Human Resources Management

  • An in-demand career with job growth expectations
  • HR manager salaries average $128,128 per annum


  • Generates 10.4% of GDP in Australia
  • Ongoing need for skilled workers in various hospitality roles

Sales & Marketing

  • Wide scope and job opportunities
  • Competitive salaries, including entry-level positions and experienced roles


  • High demand due to the importance placed on healthcare in Australia
  • Nursing occupations, in particular, are in high demand


  • Opportunities in both private and public educational institutions
  • Salaries vary by state, with a starting salary between $65,608 and $69,000


  • Nursing careers are in high demand
  • Numerous nursing specialties to choose from

Steps to Apply for Australia Work Permit

If you’re ready to embark on your journey to work in Australia, follow these steps:

Step 1: Evaluation

  • Assess your eligibility using our Australia Immigration Points Calculator.

Step 2: Skills Assessment

  • Ensure your skills align with the Australian job market.

Step 3: IELTS/PTE Coaching

  • Improve your English language skills to meet visa requirements.

Step 4: Register Your EOI

  • Create an Expression of Interest (EOI) in the SkillSelect system.

Step 5: Get ITA

  • Receive an Invitation to Apply (ITA) for your chosen visa.

Step 6: Visa Application

  • Submit your visa application with the necessary documents.

Step 7: Fly to Australia

  • Begin your exciting journey to Australia to start your new career.

Work Permit to Australia PR

Once you’ve settled in Australia and worked for three years, you may become eligible to apply for Permanent Residency (PR). This PR visa allows you to live, work, and settle in Australia for up to five years, making it an excellent choice for international students and skilled workers.

Australia provides a wealth of opportunities for international students and skilled workers. Whether you’re seeking a higher income, a better quality of life, or the chance to make Australia your permanent home, this vibrant country has much to offer. So, take the plunge and explore your potential Down Under!