How to make it to your Favorite College

Choosing your college and programmed wisely is very important. Keep several things in mind while choosing your college: its ambience, faculty, research facilities, infrastructure etc.. You must have a clear idea of what you wish to study and what features you would like the school in which you want to study to have. You must also take financial considerations into account. After selecting certain schools which fit your criteria and needs, you reach the most important step: applying to the desired colleges.

It must be kept in mind that topmost colleges have a very rigorous procedure of selecting students and the acceptance rate in these colleges is pretty low. The application procedure should be carefully completed with all requested information showing the qualifications that schools request and highlight in their public materials.

There are different requirements for graduate and undergraduate admissions. Students wishing to pursue a Master’s, M. Phil or PhD need to submit scores of tests like GRE, GMAT, TOEFL etc.. On the other hand, undergraduate applications require High School academic record, SAT scores (when required), personal essays, recommendation letters from teachers, and financial statements.

The ideal student is gifted, eager to learn, and highly motivated. He or she can work independently and take direction, supervision, and constructive criticism without becoming upset or overly sensitive. Faculty looks for students who are hard workers, want to work closely with faculty, are responsible and easy to work with, and who are a good fit to the program. The best students complete the program on time, with distinction – and excel in the professional world to make faculty proud. Of course, these are ideals. Most students have some of these characteristics, but nearly no one will have all, so don’t fear. You need to work hard and inculcate those qualities which will make you stand out.

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