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What is Science?

The word Science comes from the Latin word Scientia meaning knowledge and in the broadest sense, it is any systematic knowledge-base or prescriptive practice being capable of resulting in a prediction. This is why science is known as highly skilled technique or practice.

Science Assignment Help

Here are many other common definitions of science as follows:

  • Branch of knowledge or study dealing with a body of facts or truths systematically arranged and showing the operation of general laws: the mathematical science.
  • Systemic knowledge of the physical or material world gained through observations and experimentation.
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Fields of science are commonly classified as follows:

- Natural Sciences, the study of the natural world.
- Social Sciences, the systematic study of human behavior and society.

What is the purpose of science from ASSIGNMENTHELP.NET?

The basic purpose of science is to help people understand this world and their surroundings. It satisfies the natural curiosity of human beings by giving them logical answers. The purpose of science is to produce useful models of reality and people know more about nature and its behaviors.

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What Are The Branches Of Science Whose Assignment Help Is Covered
We covers a number of branches. Some of the most important ones are:

Biology: It is the study of living organisms, their structure, functions and processes. The areas which are covered in this concern, their physiology, and biology, biotechnology, ecology and their evolution. This subject is studied at an elementary level and at a higher level it involves the study of molecules and cells.

Physics: It is divided into three major parts:

Classical physics: It deals with mechanics and is called Newtonian physics.

Modern physics: It is the network of theories related to the structure of atom, photons, nucleons. It also includes two subsidiary fields, nuclear physics, and particle physics.

Condensed matter physics: It deals with different properties of the importance of phases and their translations, waves in solids, magnetism and electrical conducting properties, superfluidity, semiconductor electronic devices, photonics, etc.

Chemistry: Its different elements unite to make matters and substances’ behavior. It is related to physics, mathematics and is found everywhere. It is considered a branch of physical sciences. It’s applications are found in medicine science, engineering and technological fields. Some of the courses which are covered by the writers of is listed as follows:

Nursing: Nursing is a branch of health sciences where different professionals provide care to the individuals, families and communities as a health care professional. Nursing includes promotion and restoration of human health from conception to death. It is focused on human response within the complex healthcare systems. It deals with one-on-one and direct care that addresses the effects of illness or injury on the mind and body. The different branches of nursing are listed as below:

Science & Technology: Science and technology is a dynamic field, combining in itself both basic knowledge and modern technology. In different industries, science and technology play a vital and significant role. We, at, offer you the help you need from an expert to contribute significantly to your studies and future career plans. Our services in this topic cover a large number of areas, including:

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A projectile is fired at an angle of 30 degrees above the horizontal with an initial velocity of 30.0 m/s. (a) What is the maximum height reached by the projectile? (b) How long does it take to reach this maximum height? (c) How much time does it take the projectile to reach the ground after it is fired? (d) How far does it travel horizontally during this time interval?


(a) The maximum height reached by the projectile is 90 m.

(b) It takes the projectile 2.5 seconds to reach maximum height.

(c) It takes the projectile 10 seconds to reach the ground after it is fired.

(d) It travels 1500 m horizontally during this time interval.

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