Referencing is citing the documents that you referred to during writing your document. These references are the documents that are related to our document and give us some idea. If this idea is directly incorporated in our document writing, we need to explicitly mention the document from where we got the idea (as this is the work done by someone else and we cannot claim it as our novelty). Such references are known as in text references.

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Other documents if we want to cite as our references, through which we went to know first what research has already been made till now, we cite them as bibliography. Matter of bibliographic references is never a part of the research document directly so they are not needed inside the text and hence known as out text references. They only highlight our literature study.

As far as in text references are concerned, there are various styles of citing them. Different type of material on referencing style and way of writing and writing help and writing guidance can be got our online referencing guide on writing material and referencing styles. Various services are available like writing services and referencing generators at our portal. This will not only help you to solve referencing and citation problems but also help in Assignment help throughout.

Many styles are used depending upon requirement and particular institute. There is no specific standard of Referencing style commonly in use. However some of the very famous text referencing styles includes Harvard referencing style, APA referencing style, Oxford referencing style, Vancouver referencing style, Chicago referencing style, and MLA referencing style. Only one out of them should be used at a time. They differ in the way the document name, it publishing year, the conference of journal in which it is published and the author hat created the document is referred to. Information regarding these with appropriate examples and material is available on the site.

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