A research papers writing report present student’s original, detailed or careful examination on a given topic. The Doctoral or PhD students need to write their own research papers on a selected academic topic given by University Professors. Publishing research papers are important part of student’s curriculum for the award of their final degree. This is an important question, How to write an academic research papers?

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Tips for Writing a Good Research Paper


Most academic research work is published in the form of book, thesis and journal article. Now a day, research report in form of e-publishing or e-journals is gaining popularity among research scholars. A research paper is based on your own facts, thoughts and new ideas you have generated from many sources.

The research students must summaries their important document information to developing and organizing new ideas and final conclusions in research papers. It is very important to follow accurately and consistently a recommended writing format that is concise and clear and that has been approved by your university professor.

There are many types of research papers but two is most important namely analytical research papers and argumentative research papers.

In argumentative research paper, writer clearly introduces the topic and informs his audience exactly which stance he intends to take and this stance elaborate in the form of thesis statement. The main objective of argumentative research paper is persuasion, which means the given topic should be controversial or debatable.

The analytical research paper often begins with an important issue or question asked by the students. You should prove your ideas have merit or exercise in form of evaluation and exploration statement.

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The research students should follow a systematic approach to developing a research papers always keep in mind about formatting of citations, and referencing styles of writing (APA style, MLA style, Oxford, Harvard, Vancouver, Chicago, etc.).

First the objective of research paper writing is clear. The research students should consider these steps for writing a good academic research papers as follows: —

  • Start with a chosen topic.
  • Write a strong thesis statement.
  • Identify your audience.
  • Look for research sources then after perform your research.
  • You can revise your thesis statement if needed.
  • You can develop an outline then after write a rough draft.
  • Revise, Edit, and Proofread the research paper and develop a final draft.
  • List a research works cited page.

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