Business is the field that set up an individual or the group in the economic field with the motive of earning the profit.

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Students are generally assigned task of writing essay on various topic starting from the school level that continues further in the higher level. In the school, teachers generally ignore the slight mistake that a student’s commit whereas in the colleges those mistakes are not considered simple; rather they become noticeable by the reader and thus, live a negative impact on the readers. College students are given several topics to write the essays on and among them Business essay is the most common one. Every individual is well aware of the term Business and the Moto behind the establishment of the firm. Knowing about the particular thing and writing about it is two different acts. Similarly, students possess information about the business but they fail to write on the same. They generally fail to form correct statements and present it in the meaningful way. Essay on business must include all the necessary points that well define the economic world. The essay must be developed in a proper format and overall essay must help the reader to get well with the business world. Business essay must be informative, apart from this good presentation and use of business term are equally important. Business essay must be directive i.e. it must direct the reader towards the progressive path that ultimately leads to the development of the firm. Business essay writing demands time and research because only appropriate research can help to include all the past and recent news that helps to make the essay complete and evocative.

Students are busy with their work so they rarely find time to devote in the essay and the research on any topic. Though the general format of business essay is simple but the information to be engraved must be complete along with the words and language used in the business. So, this task bothers students because they find it difficult to manage time for college activities and their curriculum. It becomes a difficult situation for them to decide between timely completion of essay and performance of other important task and it creates a stressful situation for them to tackle.

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