Assignments are the important part of the curriculum because they help in understanding any of the topics at the depth of the subject and thus, come out with the reasonable conclusions.

Assignment has been proved to be advantageous in lots of respect. In general, we know that assignment helps in understanding any topic in better way, the other main importance is that during the course of assignment completion students grabs all the possible ideas and information about the topic and this remains in their memory for longer period of time which will be proved useful in the future as well. Assignment reflects the capability in the students and thus their presentation skills.

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The time is actually changing with a very fast phase, one need to compete with a large population, to show up the capabilities and win the race and in this course time factor play an important role. Students are indulged in many other fields rather than only studies, so they find hard to manage time to complete their assignments. Therefore, the overall result proves to be depressing because students fails to timely submit their assignment thus, loosing marks in the academic field. Some students even go in search of friends and people who can help them complete their assignment but even this doesn’t prove effective because in maximum of the cases the assignment they submit carries incomplete information with lots of errors. Even students couldn’t understand what all they have included in the assignment and they face problem during their exam hours and the upcoming days leaving up a bad impression on the reader.

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