English is a Universal language, connecting millions of people around the world. Therefore, we can coin that English is one the most important subject that is essential to have successful life style and upliftment of the living standard.

English is taught everywhere i.e. almost all the nations in the world have English as an important subject in their curriculum. It is because; English is only the language which is understood by maximum population across the globe and within the nation itself, thus, making it a common medium for communication. We can never imagine world that can exist without interaction. No individual can survive all alone, everybody need to interact with one another for one or the other purpose. So, English is the language that breaks walls between two individual or the country developing feeling of friendship and brotherhood among them, only than world peace and progress can go hand to hand.

english tense learning

English requires use of proper tense and grammar in the sentence. Proper tense here refers to the past, present and future which are subdivided into various parts. Until and unless one uses proper tense in English, the conversation or the sentence seems to be incomplete. Thus, we can say that English require correct tense and this can be achieved with frequent practise and correct knowledge about verb. Yes, English can be used up correctly with verb in proper form. All these forms are taught to students in their early classes but then due to one or the other reason students tends to ignore the subject due to which their basics remains hazy and thus they face problems in their upcoming days. The difficulties may be at the career point, or the educational point where they fail to understand the main points engraved in the text book or when spoken by anybody around, that makes them feel depressed leaving a breakpoint in their overall performance.

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