Essay is the art of writing down on a particular topic in a sheet of paper. Essay involves questioning, reasoning and thinking and researching on a given topic and thus, organising all the obtained information in a presentable format so as to grab the attention of the reader.

Generally, students give a bit of scared expression when they are asked to write an essay but then essay writing isn’t that though as assumed by the students. Once the students get through some of the topics and grab the essential ideas they seem to be perfect in the assigned task. But students prefer giving up then once trying it. Writing an essay just requires good grammatical knowledge and awareness of the words that students come across. They can be good at handling and playing with words only if they practise or keep on writing rather than learning because acquiring tips and implementing are two different things, and it is implementing that can help students boost up their writing capabilities.

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The time and situation is changing very fast and day by day competition is growing up. In this competitive world, only broadening up knowledge regarding essay isn’t acceptable by the students, their first priority always becomes the studies because this is only the way they can stand up to the face the world and people around. So, they aren’t able to give their attention and time in essay writing and overall essay writing demands time. So, students generally go to their friends or the person who writes for them in a low cost. Though this seems an easy method because it saves money and time but it does not turn out to be fruitful. It is because the written essay that students are provided neither carries all the information nor it seems complete and once the person gets his money they show no responsibility for the incomplete and un presentable writing. Therefore, low cost does not always means a good quality until and unless one possess eminence that students can rely them on.

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