Learn Programming with Robotics
Learn Programming with Robotics

Does your child often complain of Mathematics and Science a dull and boring subject? Does your child prefer to watch cartoon channels over the science trivia? Has your every attempt to spark the interest of your kid in Science and Mathematics (Including Projects, Presentations, visits to science museums, Pictorial encyclopedia, Creative programs of Science and nature oriented channels, Sci-Fi movies and many more) failed miserably to deliver its results? Or infact are you a child who is fascinated by the real marvels of science, maths, technology, computer technology and engineering?

If the answer to anything or everything above is a YES, then the perfect tool for teaching Science, Mathematics, Programming and technology has arrived. It is the field of ROBOTICS. Now every child gets to be Sam Witwicky. The field of robotics promises to take students as close to building and understanding the real marvels of engineering as possible.

In the course on Robotics programming, students are provided with a robotics kit that contains simple hardware, software and other spare parts and tools with the help of which students are taught to conceptualize, model and how to make a robot of their own.

Programming with Robots has emerged as a fun, exciting and easy way to teach kids programming from a very young age. Such students can later on grow up to handle even sophisticated gadgets, hardware and software very comfortably. Students learn to work with a range of high end software and hardware in a very lucid manner which allows them to become master of computer programming and computer technology right from their childhood. Students are routinely taught how to make robot models with the help of working motors and sensors. Classrooms are also using robotics to teach kids programming and coding for kids.  Most high school robotics programs encourage students to make robot models and utilise robotics programming language to instruct these machines to do specific set of activities. This robotics course is effective in honing the coding skills of students and making them sharp in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. Learning computer coding via robotics also makes it easier for students to enhance their overall understanding of how things work and improves their general intelligence and scientific aptitude.

A plethora of competitions and sport activities have also emerged in connection to Robotics. Many schools, universities and institutions worldwide hold Robotics based sports events including, RoboWars, RoboSoccer, RoboRaces and many other exciting previously unheard of sports. By participating in these competitions and events, students put their actual knowledge and skills learnt in programming Robotics classes to application. They work individually or in teams to develop, design, program and build and program Robots which are capable of performing various tasks and instructions. Students utilize extensive and sophisticated hardware and software, programming language for robotics and knowledge of maths and science concepts to engineer and program their robots for different competitions. This combines the excitement of sports along with an extensive knowledge and application of Robotics programming and STEM.

Besides learning the technology, participants also imbibe moral values such as task management, teamwork, time management, collaboration, strategic thinking and overall sportsman spirit which are immensely useful for their career later on.

This field of Robotics programming allows students to come face to face with the real modern day problems of science, technology and engineering and help in devising innovative and creative solutions for problems faced by scientists regularly in their research fields. Robotics is no doubt a sure shot way to teach kids programming and coding for kids. It also sparks the interest of young children in Science, Mathematics and technology.

Does you child’s classroom provides Robotics learning and programming ?