MBA, Masters in business administration, attracts people from several countries around the globe. This programme introduces students to various areas of business like the marketing, finance, resource management and many more. Hence, an MBA programme is carried on by most of the students to have an established career.

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MBA programme is offered by most of the universities and business school all over the world with variable way of educating the students one across the other country. MBA programme can be full-time, part-time, distance learning and so on. Thus, students can go for the subject and course that best suits their interest. Different institutions and business look for various qualifications within an individual so as to prove them eligible for joining the MBA programme. The basic is the GMAT score of the students along with the job experience, interviews, letter of recommendation and many more. Therefore, depending upon the programme and length of work experience the programme can be component of admission in the MBA programme.

Students possessing MBA degree are paid in higher scales and hence it is one of the reasons that most of the students are interested in pursuing MBA. Beside qualification and good marks, some other criteria that an MBA degree holder must fulfil are the written and verbal communication skills, analytical and reasoning skills, interactive, extra and intro world knowledge, time management, and many more. Therefore, MBA is not only about scoring a good or the highest marks; it’s about the overall development of the personality so as to find a good and a reputed job.

MBA students undoubtedly need to study and gather knowledge about the corporate world. They need to work hard in their curriculum only than establishing fine and smooth basic will be possible. MBA students are also provided with several assignments so as to boost up their knowledge and make them study any of the topics in detail. But during their busy time with books, assignment only serves as a hurdle for them. It becomes more like the task of accomplishment rather than the task of acquiring knowledge. So, to lower down the burden and completely focus on the studies, they either submit the assignment ended without detailed study or go for person who can make assignment for them but these assignments fails to grab good marks thus, affecting overall grade of the student.

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