Research proposal is the detailed description of the researched programme, providing the reader clear knowledge and idea on the project being carried out.

writing a research proposal

Research proposal provides answers to several questions regarding the task such as: budget, necessity, planning, procedure, expected outcomes, generated result and many more. Research proposal plays an important role to pass on the information’s to related personality and general public in the most accurate and informative way. Hence, it becomes a necessity to take care of certain points while writing a research paper. The general format of research paper includes the following:

  • Title page: the title page must be comprehensive and brief.
  • Abstract: the section includes the brief summary regarding the objective, method, problem, funds regarding the project, so as to set up the idea in the readers mind about the overall content of the research paper.
  • Table of content: short and brief proposal does not require table of content whereas on the other hand big project need to be divided in several section in a proper format, therefore, it becomes a necessity to design the table of content so as to view sections that contain description of certain potion and these table of content would act as a reference to help reader to find out all the necessary information quickly.
  • Introduction: it includes the statement of problem, purpose of research and significance of the research in an elaborated form so that it becomes easy for the reader to get detail knowledge on the project.
  • Background: it must include all the previous works done on the same project or research so as to provide reader the clear knowledge about the foundation that has been set and the differences between the previous researches and the one carried by you.
  • Description of the proposed research: Here, all the details regarding the procedure are mentioned with proper illustration of every step that has been performed.
  • Description of the resources: it provides the details about the resources needed and reasons that why should sponsor choose a particular institute for the proposed research.
  • Personnel: the detail regarding the institution, time requires, participation of people are all mentioned in this section.
  • Budget: the estimated budget for carrying out the proposal must be clearly mentioned in this section.

Hence, the above mention points are just the brief guideline for writing up the proper, accurate and informative research paper. On the other hand, writing of research paper also depends upon the type of project that has being carried out.

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