Speech refers to the idea or thoughts delivered in front of mass of people so as to inform them about the related subject or the issue.

Speech is important to aware public about the particular topic or the subject. It is the best way of interaction with the group of people and receiving the feedback at the same time, so that taking further decision becomes an easy task. Speech is given by people at higher post or the government officials, principal in the school, a particular student regarding a specific reason and many more. In fact, during the promotional events of some stuff speech is delivered to the group of people so as to make them well aware about the related subject.

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It is important to prepare for the speech before delivering it in front of a group of people. Hence, the first step towards preparation is writing the speech in the most effective and easiest way. Firstly, the handful of important points needs to be mentioned in the cover so that speaker can make sure that he hasn’t missed any of the points. The points need to be organised so that one point fits on the other and unnecessary point that is not relevant to the topic must be omitted so as to save the time. At the end of the speech, summarization of overall information is important and some question should be left in front of the listeners so that they are left to think upon it.

Hence, after writing up the speech it must be well prepared and then delivered so that it reduces the chance of fault and mistakes by the speaker. While delivering the speech the study on mass of people present must be done. Beside this, the voice of speaker must be clear and audible to the audience leaving a deep impact on them. The subject must be clearly understood by the listener so that they are forced to think upon the presented ideas. Hence, proper speech writing, preparation and delivery all plays important role to influence the audience and make them well aware about the views, opinion and ideas of the speaker.

Writing the speech is not an easy task, it need patience, time and calm environment, only then the person working on the speech will be able to clearly think and write accordingly. Speech is important for everyone whether it’s the students, teachers, officials or the job holder. But most of the individual lack time and points to write up an appreciable speech. Students are generally assigned task on speech writing for development of their language and framing of the ideas in proper format. But due to lack of time and day to day activities they fail to mount a proper speech and hence loose the marks in given section. Many students also lack the important information and hence, the submitted task disappoints the reader.

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