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In easy terms; Finance refers to the way for managing money and hence allocation of required fund to accomplish a project. Funding is required in every sector and this is the reason this field is divided into three important parts: private, public and corporate.

Finance Assignment Help Order NowPersonal Finance: It refers to all the personal expenses, savings and investments like transferring family property across generations, saving plans, investment in insurance, education expenses and much more. Personal finance is made simpler by dividing it into various sections like financial position, Proper protection, Tax planning, investments, planning for retirement and estate planning. Financial position refers to your savings, investments and all your assets that are income when deducted with the expenses provides you idea about your financial position. Protection of assets against unseen risk comes under proper or adequate protection. Likewise, paying tax is equally important to help the government run the country. But sometimes the tax might be too high depending on your assets. So tax planning helps in getting information about the tax, the things that are not taxable, tax exemption etc. The process and policies designed for tax varies from nation to nation, so tax planning provides depth knowledge about all the systems, procedures and requirements of tax. Investments and accumulation goal refers to the money that can you can accumulate to meet a heavy expenses like buying land, building, house, car, etc. Thus calculating the usual income, savings and hence accumulating the amount comes under accumulation goal. Similarly when a working individual gets old and is no more able to work for hours; he requires financial help to run rest of his life. Hence retirement planning provides clear idea on how to meet the expenses that is incurred after retirement, awareness about government retirement related benefit and much more. All these come under personal finance where study on managing all the personal expenses is included.

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Corporate finance: All the financial matters that involve allocation of funds to accomplish project or for the corporations comes under corporate finance. This involves few important steps like planning and checking for the required finance, allocating the finance, investing the allocated fund and taking the right decision. Corporate finance basically focuses on increment of value of firm by allocation of resources and quality performance. Often confused with financial management; corporate finance targets corporation alone whereas financial management mainly extends knowledge on managing the finance of the entire financial institutions. The study on corporate finance helps in taking accurate decision, facing unforeseen situation, and hence using the obtained knowledge for optimum utilization of resources thus eliminating all the financial problem of the firm.

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Expert-Written Solutions for Students Finance homework help can be acquired by students over the Web and quite often through email. Students are advised to start with the appropriate college sources for help with their finance homework, such as their tutor, the teacher’s office, the campus writing centre, or the library for additional journals and books on the subject matter. Finance is a dynamic subject, and switching from accounting may give you a hard time, especially as the subject covers a great area, including balance sheets, cash flow statements, managing funds, investments and even portfolio management.

What Are the Learning Outcomes of Finance Course?

The financial course enabled the learners to develop skills which are very important in their field of finance. This course covers all the topics related to finance and provides the students with in-depth knowledge of the subject. The course also develops the analytical and problem-solving skills of the students.

The learning outcomes of finance course include:

  • Understanding the role of finance in organizations
  • Identifying and analyzing financial information
  • Utilizing financial tools to make sound decisions
  • Planning and managing finances effectively
  • Communicating financial information clearly

Some specific finance courses may vary in their learning outcomes, but most will cover topics such as risk management, financial planning, investment strategies, and analysis. Students will likely learn how to use financial software and hardware, and develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

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Below you will find a finance assignment sample. It has been solved by our experts. This is of higher value for the finance students as it talks about the fundamental concepts of finance.


Question 1. Define and explain the term ‘price elasticity’. Together with reference to two different products, one with a price inelastic demand curve and another price elastic demand curve, illustrate the market price and quantity of the two products with reference to the demand curve. (45%)

Question 2. Outline and explain the term ‘Inflation’. Outline clearly the three factors that affect inflation. Outline the implications of inflation and what should a business do to cope with inflation. (30%)

Question 3. demonstrates your understanding of the concept of ‘Investment Appraisal’. Outline and explain the different techniques of investment appraisal and how effective any individual technique is for evaluating capital investment for a business organization. (25%)

Financial services: The monetary services provided by financial companies or organizations that can be governmental or non-governmental are termed as financial services. A unit whose income is more than expenses can lend certain amount and are termed as lender whereas a unit whose expenses is more than income need certain amount to raise the capital or manage the expenses and are termed as borrower. Lender can either be a bank, private company and insurance company etc, who benefits borrower with certain amount with agreement of paying particular amount of interest.

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Public finance: The finance that is related to states and sub-entities or public organizations or entities allowing finance with the perspective of long term goal that affects public. This is just a highlight on finance Assignment Help; the subject is vast and requires depth study to obtain clear knowledge. Most of the time you are also given assignments on topic of finance and this is the reason you might feel the entire syllabus problematic. So, for any help related to finance assignment; you can contact the tutors of They are active all time; you can put up your query or doubt on finance assignment and get the required support within few hours.

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