Cloud computing refers to a system where a lot of computers are connected through the internet. It involves a system where a single application or system runs through a plethora of networks at the same time. Cloud computing basically involves achieving economies of scale or coherence over a large number of networks in order to maximize utility over a system of networks.


The main base of cloud computing is shared services and sharing of infrastructure.Cloud computing can help to save a lot of resources as well as time because a cloud computing service that offers a certain kind of service like mail to users in north America at a specific point of time can be used to offer another type of service like web mail at another point of time. Thus cloud computing can help to reduce the environmental damage by reducing the use of infrastructure and other facilities .Cloud computing helps to reduce the cost of infrastructure and also focus on projects that help to differentiate their projects.The origin of the term cloud computing however is still ambiguous.

The term cloud refers to a collection or agglomeration of events that appear to be distinct from a distance. Cloud computing refers to a system of evolution of a variety of technologies and new paradigms. Cloud computing helps users to take advantage of their technologies. The main aim of cloud computing is virtualization,which helps to speed up the it operations and reduces the cost of its infrastructure projects. Cloud computing adopts its concept from service oriented architecture that can help users break into services and provides a reliable solution. Cloud computing is one of grid computing and it has evolved with the help of quality of services problem and the pre-requisite tools to build a lot of parallel applications.


Cloud computing also shares its models or techniques with a lot of other applications like grid computing, client server model, mainframe computer, utility computing, peer to peer, cloud gaming etc. Cloud computing has a lot of characteristics like agility to re-provision the infrastructure resources to a lot of better options by reducing costs by a considerable amount. Cloud computing also helps in virtualization which helps in sharing of services technology etc. Device and location independence technology advantage of cloud computing also helps to access a web browser regardless of this location.

Reliability improves the use of redundant sites. Security can also improve by collection of data, increased focus of resources etc. Users can access cloud computing using a plethora of services like desktop, smart phones, tablets, laptops etc. A lot of clients rely on cloud computing and in fact many of them use them readily. Different types of cloud computing activities are available for a lot of purposes like private cloud which is use for ones personal needs, community cloud which is used basically for community purposes, and hybrid cloud which is a combination of both personal and cloud computing and can provide a lot of early solutions. Cloud computing can also be provided by a distributed cloud which basically means that machines are basically located at different locations while still being connected to a single network or service.