Cell biology is the branch of biology which deals with the study of cell and all its related structures.

Cell is the building block of any living organism. It acts like a brick for building complete structure of living organism. Though cell is a basic part of living organism but all its structures, organelles, functions should be studied very carefully in order to detect any abnormalities of living organism and cure it before hand. Students pursuing cell biology as a career option has a scope of being researcher, lecturer, teacher, etc…without the knowledge of cell biology we would never come across to the importance of cell in the body of living organism. How it works, what role it plays inside the body and so on…


Some of the importance’s of cells are given below:

• It helps to find out about different diseases and its causes
• Cells help in growth and development of body
• Improper functioning of cell can lead to severe disease like cancer.
• Different cell organelles have different role in any living organism like ER helps in protein synthesis whereas Golgi complex helps in protein sorting.

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