Assignment plays an important role in student’s life. It is the written description on a given topic that is generated out through proper research.

Assignment serves as a beneficial point to the students in several ways. It is the gateway for improving the basics and gaining maximum information. Assignment helps students to be thorough with the topic and know the detailed description of every part. The information gathered by the students for the completion of the assignment remains like oyster to them helping in recall whenever required. Beside this, assignment makes students well-acquainted with the detail of the topic. On the other hand, it also helps reader to evaluate the performance of the students and figure out their solid and weedy parts. Hence, this way assignment on any of the provided topics can play a major role enhancing and brushing up the students’ performance.

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School level assignments are generally simple and less informative in comparison to the higher levels. So, school going students undergoes fewer issues than university students in reference to the assignment. Assignments can be on any of the topic of different subjects like: Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Anthropology and so on and scoring good marks in these assignments is possible only if students succeed to present the topic in the informative and impressive way that attracts the attention of the reader. The submitted assignment must contain all the necessary information in the form that can be well understood by the reader.

Generally, the above mention condition reverses because of various factors that stand as the hurdle for the students. In the present context students are so much busy with their task that they rarely find time to dedicate for the assignment. They are already loaded with many jobs that time management becomes a matter of dispute to them. On the other hand, due to lack of proper information, students fail to submit assignment on time or if they do, their assignment lacks one or several information, thus affecting their overall grade.

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