Exams are the knowledge assessment process, and quite a stress builder for most of the students as the students most of the time get wondered about who invented exams, and why? Due to this, the exams have become one of the most horrible parts of the academic life of the students. Henry Fischel firstly invented the concept of examination in the 19 century, and he was an American businessman, and China was the first country who implemented the concept of the examination nationwide, and also conducted the exam firstly in the country which was named the Imperial examination.

Who Invented Exams?

Introduction to an examination

The word examination means two things it could have a deep observation, the study of a particular subject, or an inspection, and these examinations are generally conducted by the researchers, the students across various disciplines, and the scientists, and another meaning of the word examination is to present a formal test at where the knowledge and understanding or proficiency of the student in any particular subject is thoroughly assessed. Being apart from any particular subject it also assesses the aptitude, physical fitness, skills, and capabilities of the students so, the exams get to measure all these qualities

The exams are more commonly taken by the students either in schools, colleges, and the universities, and during each academic period the students attend the exams to get a qualification, and the main purpose of the exam is to identify their memory, personality as well as the revision skills of the students, and it also motivates and helps the students to get improve their desired skills, and abilities.

Who invented the exam?

According to the various historical sources, Henry Fischel is effectively considered to be the inventor of exams, and he was the first person to get introduce the philosophy of tests, and exams, and his idea for the examination mainly focused on the interior, and exterior testing, and he effectively proposed that the examinations may evaluate the knowledge, and a better understanding of the students for a particular subject, or the main concept that had been taught to the students.

A brief history of the origins of Exams

According to the historical data source, the exams are mainly a concept that was mainly invented in ancient China, and the Suri dynasty implemented it that is known with the Examination system to recruit the candidates for various specified government posts, and also this system was effectively considered to select the people as mainly based on merit than by the birth. The candidates effectively become part of the prestigious group of government officials that takes under the leadership of Emperor Yang.

In general, the exams are of two major types some common types of exams are open-book exams, take-home exams, oral exams, short answer exams, and the MCQs, which also include the case study exams often the pen-based exams have happened but in recent time, after the advent of the technology the computer-based exams generally came into existence as the format, structure, mode, and the difficulty level of the exam may vary to each other as mainly depending upon the major requirements, the particular subject matter, and the relevant policy of the institutions or the main governing bodies.

The examination nowadays has evolved a lot, and with the continued reading, it may easily find that the person who is behind the idea of examination also gets to know more about the evolution of the exams.

After China, the country England adopted the examination system to identify all those candidates who are eligible to serve the civil services exam. Also, the concept of assessment was effectively applied to academics, and in this particular education field, the examination has effectively become a popular tool for the teachers to test the knowledge and the skills of the students in their academic sessions.

Finally, the effective idea of using the examinations in the educational system was getting spread to all major parts of the world, and various countries started the concept of examination in several ways, even today, each country follows the types of different examinations that is being depend on their educational system. Overall, it was Henry who effectively introduced the core idea of the exam into education. So, Henry Fischel is considered the founder of examination.

Concept of assessments, and tests

In modern-day, the examination system has been changed as drastically, and in specific, the exams have to get evolved into various tests, and different types of assessments like the term papers, personality tests, the research papers, essay assessments, and the multi-choice questions. In all these scenarios, the students are effectively tested by combining various types of evaluations, and other than the educational purposes, several organizations effectively use the holistic testing for the process of job interviews as the holistic testing generally considers a lot of individual major components into an account to identify the actual capability of the person.

Why exam is necessary?

The exam is generally conducted at the end of the academic year so that it could evaluate the overall performance, and knowledge of the students in their particular field as the students could obtain only the qualification if they get the passing marks in their final examinations. Exams help each teacher to understand the mental capacity of the students and to get rectify their major shortcomings. It also improves the learning of the students, and to grab new information, that’s why due to this reason the exam has a significant role in the learning process, and in the entire educational system. So, the exams, and the tests are a great, and effective way to access what the students have learned, and grab information.

An exam is just like the type of healthy competition for proving the knowledge, and skills of the students as each student effectively prepare themselves as they participated in the carious competition, and among them, most of the students prove themselves better than the other students, and they try to get more score, and through this, the students also improve their writing skills for getting better marks. An exam is a major factor in learning, and the students learn the relevant lessons of patience, leadership through exams, and discipline. So, exams help the students to introduce their skills, and capabilities, and develop their thinking, logic, and help the students to make quick, and effective decisions.