Human Resource Management – Involvement and Participation

Involvement and Participation

There are few who would dispute the fact that employees who are involved in their work, in their departmental goals and in the organization’s long-term aims, are more likely to be committed to that organization and to working efficiently. A further step is to say that the involvement is linked to the degree that the employee participatesin the decision-making processes of the organization. Involvement and participation can take many successful forms. It is not whether employees are members of unions or not that influences the success of the process, it is the actual management practices themselves and the degree of conviction with which they are operated by management.

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Encouragement towards involvement and participation can take place individually, helping the organization and its people, through the introduction of certain techniques, such as attitude surveys, team briefings and employee recognition schemes, or through collective approaches, such as works councils or a more innovative initiative demonstrated in the recent growth of ‘partnership deals’.

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